Skills to Handle the Mold Problem for Wallpaper

Skills to Handle the Mold Problem for Wallpaper

After a long period of rainy days, the wallpaper is easy to get moldy. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the daily protection and decorating process, it is hard to get the problems. shows you the reason why wallpaper gets moldy and gives you solutions as well as the protection ways.

The reason why the wallpaper gets moldy

First, most of them are not the wallpaper problems. It is because of the wall. Lots of walls are unqualified, which would appear water seepage phenomenon. While the PVC wallpaper has bad ventilation ability and the wallpaper glue is made by organic matters such as glutinous rice flour which is easy to get moldy. To solve this problem, you can choose a fine anti moister wallpaper base membrane.

For another reason, it is often neglected that if the glue is not completely dry and the difference of the temperature of the indoor and outside is huge the when pasting, it is easily lead to edge warping and the moister is existed in wallpaper for a long time, it will get moldy.

Besides, the rainy days and environment moister may lead to get moldy for the wallpaper, either.

Ways to solve

First, if the moldy area is large and even the pending cannot work or you want to change another style, you may change it into another one.

Second, if the moldy area is not large, your wallpaper can be pended. suggests you first scrub the mold by the soap or detergent water. If does not work, you may scrub it with rubbing alcohol. If not serious, it will erase the mold by two to three times.

Meanwhile, you may use bleaching water. But it is easy to affect your skin. Therefore, you have to wear gloves before scrubbing. Some people may worry about that the bleaching water may take out the original colors. You may use the special get mold off agent.

How to prevent getting moldy

1.Select the ventilation material

At present, there are all kinds of materials of wallpaper, non-woven, wood fiber, PVC etc. comparatively, the PVC material get the worst ventilation ability. It is easy to close the moister from the wall in the wallpaper. It is easy to form mold for a long time.

2.Keep the wall dry

The wall has to keep dry. For the wall just put the cement on it, you have to keep it for 20 to 40 days before pasting the wallpaper. Before pasting, you have to handle well for the interarea. If it is the second hand house, you have to flat the breach. Otherwise, it is easy to hollow.

3.Pay attention to the pasting quality

30% material and 70% of the construction, if you pay special attention to the details, it would reach a better effect. Wallpapers have all kinds of pattern. When pasting, you should observe that if there are big gaps between two wallpapers and the pattern in the right position. Besides, when pasting, the watering will wet the wallpaper. After dry, it will shrink. So you have to leave some stretch space.

4.Insist on protection

The suitable protection can prolong the usage of the wallpaper as well as intensify the anti-moister function. During the construction and in 24 hours after finishing the construction, keep in minds that do not open the all door or window. The large ventilation may fasten the quick dry and in average shrink, it may lead to crack. After three days, you need to adjust the ventilation condition. Open the windows and doors in the daylight and keep ventilation. In the evening, you have to close all them to prevent the moister coming in, which may have influence on the degree of the firmness.

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