Best Ways to Organize Your Home Office


Organizing your home office and finding adequate storage solutions sometimes can turn into a troublesome project. Before you start working on your home office design, make sure to plan every step ahead and that way create an office that would be perfect to work in and yield good professional results.

Find the spot

First things first. You have to make sure that the place for your home office is well-lit with natural light and relatively away from the noise. Look around your home in order to find the best place for your desk and other work necessities. If you don’t think there’s any way you could implement a home office in your house, consider the garage. Many people opt for an ‘outdoor’ home office if they don’t have much space inside their home.

Add the necessities

Once you have the place for your home office secured and place your desk the way you see fit, it’s time to bring in the equipment necessary for proper work. For most people, this will include a computer, printer and scanner. In order to save space, try to keep the printer and scanner under the desk or at the cabinet that’s right next to you so that you don’t have to move around too much and break your concentration while you work.


Hide the cables

Cables can be very annoying and even dangerous when they constantly tangle up around your legs. It would be best to either hide them completely or label them and organize them in a way that wouldn’t bother you. There are many DIY solutions to tend to your cables as well. The most popular one is definitely clipping each cable and keeping them separated with their purpose written on the clips.

Small space storage solution

If your home office is very small but you need space to store all your documents and other essentials for work, try to find a desk that has enough drawers. If you still require more storage options, utilize the empty space on your walls. Keeping your most important files just above the computer, and therefore, at the reach of your hand, can prove to be very neat and effective.

Best storage options

If you have a lot of files to store as well as some other bits and bobs that you find necessary for proper work, you should generally avoid having really small space for the home office so that you can install great storage solutions such as shelves and cabinets. Companies such as Dexion NZ can help you a lot since they provide various types of storage solutions at varying prices, and you could definitely find something that suits your specific needs the best.

No clutter

It’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable that you want to add some fun accessories into your work space. Personal details such as meaningful souvenirs and family photos are actually desirable in order to break the monotony of the plain office. Still, keep in mind that too much of these decorative pieces can have an opposite effect and in that respect distract you from your work as well as occupy the space that you could use for something job-related.

Before you set up your office and start working, make sure that the most important gadgets as well as documents are always close to you so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them. Make a clear division and organize your work things separately in drawers and cabinets. Consider a filing system if you have a lot of papers and documents that are essential for your job and, most importantly, isolate yourself from anything that might disturb you while you work.


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