Kitchen Trends that Will Mark 2017

Kitchens have always been considered “the heart of a home”. However, it was only at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Industrial revolution was at its peak, that kitchen design truly became a thing as prices became lower and new inventions spurred seemingly every day. Ever since, we’ve seen some very important design milestones, like art-deco, trophy kitchens, and even the nostalgic comeback of the vintage elements. Now, at the end of 2016, it’s time to once again take an optimistic look at the future and see if the “next big thing” is lurking just around the corner.

Paint It Black

There is something inherently cool about black. Granted, white will always have an enduring quality that will defy all odds and trends, and we’ll have to face a lot of different shades of grey before kitchens become entirely consumed by darkness. But, expect to see a lot of black finding a way into the kitchens of 2017. Think of it as an evolutionary process. There was a time when home PCs and PC equipment were exclusively white, too. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find any of them.

The Oval Shapes

As of recently, straight lines and minimalistic philosophy were the essence of what we consider “a modern looking kitchen”. Minimalistic philosophy will stay with us for a while, but in regards to straight lines, the tides are about to turn. 2017 will be the year when straight-lined kitchen elements will give their turn to much more exciting oval counterparts. However, those elements will still have a very strong foothold in geometrical shapes.

The Return of the Kitchen Islands

The kitchen islands are usually associated with the 19th century. Will their modern resurgence mark the return of the vintage sensibilities? Not likely. While organizational and social aspects of such a setup can’t be neglected, going back into the 19th century design-wise would be a stretch too far. The kitchen islands will return, but they will be incorporated into the modern visual language (see the paragraph above).

Smaller Appliances

These days, small is becoming the new big, and judging by the latest Samsung, Sharp and Bosch appliances, the manufacturers are on board this philosophy. The root of this trend can be found in the current Millennial ordeals. Vast homes and huge kitchens are no longer something anyone can afford. Even the old, multi-generational homes which once could brag about such kitchens are now hosting more than one family, so they usually feature an additional micro-kitchen.

The Everlasting Endurance of Traditional Kitchens

Traditional style kitchens have been declared dead countless times. So, are they ready for burial yet? No. Not even remotely and 2017 will be the year that will prove the demand for traditional kitchen setups is still very much alive. This makes sense, though. Open kitchens, and other interesting but passing trends produce bursts of interest, but not everyone of us will be willing enough to bulldoze their home to jump on the current bandwagon.

Internet of Things

The IT revolution has always had a potential to influence the kitchen design in the same manner as the Industrial Revolution once did. However, only now, when IoT became a living and breathing thing, we can call this influence truly profound. Kitchen appliances connected to the internet are finally ceasing to be a novelty, and starting to hit the market at some surprisingly affordable prices. It will take some time before every kitchen becomes a USS Enterprise, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Know more about

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Finally, are we on the brink of another design revolution? No, but there are more than enough reasons to call the current kitchen design development an interesting evolution. There’s no reason to be disappointed, though – All great journeys are made out of countless small steps in the right direction.



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