6 Marvel Characters Perfect for your Bedroom

6 Marvel Characters Perfect for your Bedroom

In the homes of budding Marvel geeks you’ll certainly find action figures, shelves being filled with different comic titles, MCU films, or customized foam of their favorite Marvel characters ordered in the Philippines or any online store.

So if you’re a fledgling in the Marvel fan universe, here are some of Marvel’s greatest heroes for your bedroom design.


Wolverine, also known as “Logan”, was born a James Howlett. He is the second son of wealthy landowners John and Elizabeth Howlett, and lives in Alberta, Canada in the late 19th century. But he was believed to be the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Howlett and Thomas Logan, the family’s groundskeeper.

He was taken by a group of scientists led by Dr. Cornelius for the Weapon X Program. Cornelius was tasked to bond adamantium to the human bone cells, which is why Wolverine’s skeleton is covered by adamantium and became a Weapon X assassin.

Black Panther

Black Panther or T’Challa is heir to the centuries-old royal household of the African Kingdom Wakanda. He was hated by his adopted elder brother, Hunter when their mother died giving birth to him, even more so when it was clear he was superseding Hunter in the royal household.

T’Challa studied in Europe and America, and then went back to Wakanda to undergo rituals like defeating his uncle S’yan who was serving as the Black Panther. He did this to win the heart-shaped herb which enhanced his abilities and giving him a spiritual connection to Bast, the Panther god. He worked very hard to protect Wakanda through rigorous training and constant developments in their technology. He is suspicious of everyone, even his friends. But it only shows what he is willing to do to protect his people.

6 Marvel Characters Perfect for your Bedrooms

Iron Man

Iron Man was born Anthony Stark to prominent tech giant Howard Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark. Even at a young age, Tony was interested in building and creating machines. At the age of only just 15, he got into the electrical engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and by age 19, has two master’s degrees.

During a field test of one of his military hardware, they were attacked by a terrorist groups led by the Sin-Cong revolutionary Wong Chu. A land mine went off near Tony, and a piece of shrapnel was lodged into his heart. He shared a cell with physicist Professor Ho Yinsen. They both worked to create a battlesuit and a magnetic generator that will help prevent the shrapnel going further into Tony’s heart. The battlesuit was the first ever Iron Man battlesuit, and used it to break out of their cell.


Odin wanted a child who would be more powerful than him, so he pursued Gaea, the earth goddess and from their union came Thor. He was born on Earth, known to them as Midgard, in a cave in Norway. Odin took him home to Asgard to raise him with his wife Frigga.

The Mjolnir was given to him after performing heroic deeds. However, he became very proud and almost started a war with the Frost Giants. To teach him humility, Odin sent him to Earth, stripped of his powers and memories of being Asgardian. On Earth, he was crippled medical student Donald Blake and graduated with honors, and became a family doctor and surgeon. He opened a private practice in New York City where he worked with Jane Foster for 10 years before receiving a subconscious prodding from Odin.

Captain America

Steve Rogers, known as Captain America, was a scrawny fine arts student who grew up during the Great Depression. He was motivated to enlist in the US Army when he learned about the atrocities committed by the Nazis, but failed physical examinations. However, he was invited to be part of the project, Operation: Rebirth headed by Professor Abraham Erskine, which aims to produce the perfect soldier by enhancing their physical abilities.

He became a counter-intelligence agent and a symbol of heroism during the War. He fought alongside Bucky Barnes during the Second World War.  They were able to defeat the Red Skull, but was too late to prevent Baron Zemo from launching an armed drone. Both Rogers and Barnes reached the plane, but when Bucky tried to defuse it, it exploded mid-air hurling Rogers into the North Atlantic where he entered suspended animation.

Black Widow

Known as one of the greatest spies, Natasha Romanova was orphaned as a child, trapped in a burning building during an attack by the Stalingrad forces in Russia. She was found by Soviet soldier Ivan Petrovtich Bezukhov and raised her.

The Soviet Intelligence took notice of her and started training her. She was saved by Ivan, Wolverine, and Captain America when she was almost brainwashed into serving the Hand. After World War II, she became part of the Black Widow Program, which consisted of female sleeper agents. One of her instructors is the Winter Soldier, known also as Bucky Barnes. She was finally given the title Black Widow after the death of his husband Alexi Shostakov and continued her training with the Red Room Academy.

These are just some of the most badass Marvel characters you can have on your bedroom. Which one would you like to defend you?

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Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student – writer based in Manila, Philippines. A student of Interior Design that focuses on converting old materials into unique DIY projects, she loves to eat ice cream and watch basketball games. Follow her on Twitter and add me on Facebook.

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