Port Blair, A Holiday Destination That Still Lives In 1960s Era


Summary: Port Blair is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island group and is the point from where one can access other parts of the state. The city owns a major place in India’s struggle for independence. It is the place where the freedom fighters were sent for imprisonment. Meanwhile, today the city is a popular tourist destination that offer a relaxing holiday. Visit the city to explore all its attractions and for accommodations choose from best Port Blair Hotels.

Body: Port Blair the capital of Indian state of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and also the only mean to access the towns and cities of the island state, is one most highlighted tourist destinations in India. It is a destination for history-buffs and backpackers who are searching for a good throwback holiday destination. Separated from the mainland of the country, the city is situated on an island group which is the farthest to the nation towards the east. The city being the administrative and commercial capital of the state is an imperative part of the state.

Port Blair is more of a town than a city, as urbanization is yet to find its way to the city. However, the town is the largest of all and is also the most developed one. Geographically, it is situated in the Southern Andaman Island group towards the east coast of the island. Sea and air routes are the only ways to access the city. At present, the city serves as the base of Indian Airforce and Coast Guard.

Development is slow in Andaman and thus in Port Blair. It is amongst the few cities which are still in the era of 1960s. If one seeks to experience how the nation was in 1960s-70s he ought to visit the city. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons for backpackers across India to head to the city. Other than that, Port Blair played a major role in the country’s past and its struggle for independence. During the era of the British the island was the centre of dentition of the Indian freedom fighters. The island was chosen for the fact that there is a considerate distance between the island and Indian mainland, which makes it perfect for isolating one from the rest of the nation.

During their era, the city was known as Chatham Island, which was later renamed Port Blair to honour a British lieutenant. The infamous Cellular Jail, which the Indians referred as the Kala Paani, is situated in Port Blair. It is infamous for the inhuman treatments which the Indians received during their imprisonment. However, the jail no longer serves as the confinement. It has been turned into a memorial in order to honour the brave freedom fighters. The memorial is perhaps the most highlighted attraction of the town and is a major landmark. Almost all Port Blair packagesconsist the memorial in their itineraries. Meanwhile, the site of memorial is easily accessible from any part of the city.

When in Port Blair, it is a must to explore and experience the laid back attitude of the city. Plus, trying the local culinary cuisines is also a must do. The state is blessed with some beautiful quietude replete beaches which are not too far from the city. Spending a lazy day, soaking the sun until one falls asleep is one of the popular activities amongst tourists. Some of the popular tourist sites in and around the city include Ross Island, Corbyn’s Cove, North Bay Andaman Island, Chidiya Tapu, Andaman Water Sports Complex, Chattam Saw Mill etc. Good thing is that all these attractions are in vicinity to each other and easily accessible. Plus, there are some good Port Blair Hotels located in the vicinity, which are ideal choice for accommodations.


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