How to shift entire kitchen of yours safely?

Relocating the full furnished house is very complicated. Packing the whole well settled house in couple of days needs to be done in peace so you don’t damage the goods while transportation. The most important part of the house is kitchen. It’s the only place of the house that is 24*7 in use. Therefore, you really need extra time to pack your kitchen in a very systematic process because the meal is the necessary thing that cannot be missed out.

The kitchen is the most functional and organized part of the house. Packing the kitchenware is very confusing as you need the cooking stuffs time to time to prepare food. Therefore, it’s difficult to decide what to pack first item in the kitchen. No need to freak out anymore. We are here with some handy steps that can be helpful in wrapping up your kitchen perfectly.

Tips to be considered while packing your kitchen:
To pack your kitchen at ease you need to consider these following steps:

  • Take time to select and categories the items which are useful and on the top list of your choice. Put them under different categories such as heavy duty items, light weight items, glass items, bottles, less used items, daily use and essential items and so on.
  • Keep aside the essential items that you are going to need till the last day of packing. For example, cooking utensils, one set of cutlery per head of the family member, spices, dish cloth and towel, dish wash, cleaner etc. These are the items that you are going to need in the new place in your first two days.
  • Get different sized boxes to wrap up your kitchenware in. the boxes should be of large, medium sizes, cell kits, unprinted papers, labeling stickers and lots of sealing tapes.  Large boxes are suitable for holding the light weight and complicated items to pack like plastic kitchenware, dish racks, small appliances, baking tins, etc. Medium sized heavy duty boxes are good enough to hold the fragile items like glassware, wine, canister, stemware, etc. Cell kits can be used for packing up the bottles, stemware and wine and liquor bottles.
  • After packing the items in their respective boxes seal the boxes well to avoid any kind of breakage.
  • Take extra time to pack delicate and glassware and be sure that they are packed well.

These simple steps can help you out to wrap your kitchen in a very systematic and organized way. There will be no confusion in unpacking and organizing your freshly at your new home.

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