Popular Roof Styles for the Modern-day House


Building a new house? If that’s the case, then you’re most likely thinking of the timeless look of a gabled or hipped roofdesign; one that uses asphalt shingles or tile and has that familiar triangle-shaped roofing system that you see almost everywhere. Have you ever thought about trying out other, more updated designs?

Home design is constantly adapting not just to environmental factors, but also to the contemporary taste of both homeowners and designers alike. That means you’re no longer stuck with the same old triangle top roof. Here are some awesome roof profiles that I know could change your home from traditional to trendsetting.

Single Pitched Roof

Single Pitched Roof

Some time ago, you would see single-sloped roofs on small sheds or very large factories. However, the single pitched roof’s profile has become a popular option for more modern themed homes because of two things: form and function.  The simple slope roof is pleasant to look at, free from jagged angles that many contemporary home designers try to avoid. The simple design also has a few functional advantages, since it takes less time and effort to maintain. Also, rain and snow are directed towards only one side of the home, making it easier to manage water runoff.

Butterfly Roof


If you want to break free from traditional roof designs, might as well get the exact opposite! Take a gable roof, flip it upside down and you get a butterfly roof. Butterfly roofs were originally designed to capture water runoff so that it can be used for watering plants or flushing toilets. A roof that breaks tradition and an example of architectural innovation, not to mention helps in saving water; no wonder it’s such a hit.

Curved roofs

If you look at some of the latest vehicle and gadget designs, you’ll realize that curves are one of the biggest design trends today. Why not incorporate curves on your house using your roof? Curved roofs also add an organic feel to your home because of its lack of sharp angles. Of course, a curved roof is not just for show; the curved roof’s characteristic profile minimizes the amount of roof area directly exposed to sunlight, reducing the total amount of heat absorbed by the house.

Flat roof

Flat roofs were more popular on commercial buildings than residential ones in the past. Because every part of the flat roof is easy to access, repairing and maintenance is easier for people who’d rather be spending time on other things. With functionality also becoming one of the biggest trends in various industries, it’s not surprising that flat roofs have become a staple in the modern roofing industry.

Irregular roof designs

Modern home design is also big on individuality, and having a unique roofing profile that doesn’t fit into any particular model is as individualist as it can get! Getting an irregular roof profile approved may take some extra paperwork (to ensure that it still follows local building standards), but making your home stand out among the row of boring traditional houses on your street is worth all the trouble. With all my years working with traditional roof styles, the irregular type I find more challenging and interesting.

About the Author

Patricia Martin is a roof design consultant that works at Roofing by Curry, a leading roof services company in Florida. She studies common trends in modern architectural design, which covers both commercial and residential buildings. Patricia enjoys playing tennis or volleyball during her spare time.

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