DIY Roof Restoration Tips

DIY Roof Restoration Tips

In the order of food shelter and clothing after food it is shelter, i.e. a proper home to rest our tired limbs. So it is imperative that the house be in proper order, and especially the roof part has to be really good and strong to protect the house from extreme weather conditions. In case the roof is broken, or leaking, or become old and crumbling it is time to restore the roof.

The most simple way to restore one’s own roof is the DIY kit method i.e. Do It Yourself kit. There are plenty of kits available in the market. But before getting on to work the following should be kept in mind, which will make the task simpler.

Firstly evaluating the roofs present condition as to whether it requires a patch up work, or if the roof needs a complete replacement needs to be ascertained. Either patch work or otherwise the material to be used is to be decided first. In case of patch work a thin transparent sheet can also be considered as this will help in keeping the room brighter. Approaching the authorities and getting building permit is very important before starting the work. The colour of the roof also needs to be ascertained. Please remember that restoring one’s roof involves a lot of physical labour as first the old roof has to be removed and then the new one installed. This can take a few days and one should be prepared to live sometime without the roof, as removal of roof will take at least a day, and re fixing the new roof will only take place the next day. Also one needs to walk on the roof carrying heavy tools. Collecting all the materials like ladders, roof deck protection, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, protective gear all should be collected and kept at one place as this will make the task easier.

Before buying the DIY kit, a proper measurement of the roof, how much of projection is going to be kept, the thickness of the sheet, whether it is going to be metallic or some other material all must be studied thoroughly. Another important point one must keep in mind is in which season is the roof going to be restored. In places which have extreme climates, winter will be tough due to snow. Summer can be very detrimental to health as one can get a sunburn or have a sun stroke. Rains are, equally difficult, but one saving factor is that during rains the leaks in the roof can be clearly seen. Therefore calculation of the kind of repair one must undertake becomes easier. A proper weather protection jacket is a must.

The kind of repair one wants to undertake must be studied. For eg .The roof may be sagging in the middle part, then installing a ridge vent by drilling holes through the soft vent is necessary for the cool air to come in. Once we know the problems that one faced with the old roof, then restoration of the new roof can be done taking all these points into consideration.

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