Ultimate Party To-Do List


At first glance, every well planned party seems completely spontaneous, like zero effort was invested in its organization. Still, those who believe party planning is a spontaneous process, probably never planned a party in their lifetime. There are so many things to do, usually in a limited time span that it would be impossible for one not systematic enough to do it right. With this in mind, here is a short to-do list that might help speed your party-planning process up.

Invitation List

Before you even start coming up with the party details you need to compose an invitation list. The number of guests you invite will determine the venue you go with. For example, if you have a lot of people coming over you will need a bigger place. On the other hand, it would be quite lavish to hire a huge reception hall just for your closest group of friends. Finally, personal preferences of the group you are hosting a party for may determine its nature.

Set a Date

Next thing you may want to do is set a date of the event. It goes without saying that this contributes a lot to the theme of the party. Hosting an event during a major holiday like 4th of July, Christmas or Halloween can set the tone. Finally, if you decide to host a party during a particularly warm day, you can even hire an outside venue or throw a beach party. Needless to say, this opens doors to many possibilities.

Send out Invitations

When you have the number of guests and the date already set, you need to hire a venue that suits your needs. After this particular task is done, you need to start sending invitations. The method is yours to choose. First of all, you can always send good old invitation cards. Then again, in the 21st century the easier solution would be to just invite people via email or through social networks. Finally, if you are looking for a middle ground between the two a phone call is both convenient and personal enough.

Managing Consumables

Probably the most important issue on this list is the question of consumables. Before you even start thinking about this, you need to consider your party’s alcohol policy. Sure, to some this is an absolute must, but then again there are plenty of situations where you may want to prohibit alcohol from the party. As for the food, there is no right or wrong. For house parties, people usually order snacks or several boxes of pizza, while at some bit more formal events buffet is a popular choice.

Providing Entertainment

If you are organizing a get-together between some old friends, all you have to do is make a conversation-friendly atmosphere in order to make the night a complete hit. Still, this won’t work in every situation. Sometimes you need to work a bit on the entertainment. In some cases, this involves hiring a DJ and making a dancefloor at the middle of the room. Other people hire a comedian or come up with a set of fun party games to keep the atmosphere at an all-time high. Be as it may, providing adequate entertainment for the party is what makes a difference between failure and success.

As you can see, none of these steps are complicated, but it is vital that you do them in this particular order. Imagine hiring a venue that can take only 20-30 people while you plan on inviting at least 50 to the party. This could also make you purchase less consumables than you need, which would certainly result in a disaster. Planning a party is a delicate task, but with enough will and just the right approach, anything is possible.



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