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What ever happened to the simple joys of yesteryear? Today’s society seems to be moving at an astronomical speed with new advances and trends emerging every day. Just like with everything it seems like in the world today the landscape of marketing has changed drastically over the years producing some new trends. Of course, when marketing first began to become popular many people were reading and writing books with tips and great information for companies to utilize. As a result of the growing technological advances, marketing has leaned more to using technology to communicate with people since it seems to be the trend with people wanting to get information faster. It is quite interesting to see what social media such as Facebook and Twitter have done to marketing. They have integrated new features that make it so easy for marketers to brand their business online. For instance, Google Plus is the new name in town for branding, Twitter is helpful for discovering one’s target audience and of course Facebook is known as the front runner for business opportunities. Millions of people log onto these sites daily and it is probably one of the best ways to get out information in a marketing sense.

As a business you should stay up to date on changes to these social media tools and you will be ahead of the crowd and doing good for your marketing efforts. In 2010 it was said that online revenue outweighed traditional print revenue for ads. That is a distinct trend change from past years in the print marketing industry. Another example of how technology is advancing is by using a digital agency It has been noted that there is more of a trend towards this type of agency. These agencies tend to think differently when it regards talent acquisition. Instead these agencies have strategists who solve business solutions. The strategists interact fully with the designers and developers engaging always in open dialogue through the course of the process. The claim that this integration offers results. In regards to the changing landscape of marketing, Lester Wunderman the author of “Being Direct” a great book on marketing mentions that the industry has remained interesting over the course of its ever evolving life.


Agencies are meant to create a product, but he mentions that they, over time, have become more like consultants. Agencies have become much more involved with their clients than ever before. Instead of just producing a product they are with the process every step of the way and there is open communication. He goes on to mention that direct marketing is becoming more of the norm. This type of marketing has its focus on the individual not the mass. Direct marketing is based on the consumer so their work is much more specific. In my opinion this is great because it goes along with the idea of the 4Cs in making a connection with their audience. People like to feel valued so if you target certain people they may not feel like they are to autonomous or just part of the crowd. As time continues to move forward you will continue to see trend changes in marketing.

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