The World most amazing robots of 2013

The World most amazing robots of 2013

Indeed there is nothing more interesting than sitting over your bed and simply order any machine to carry out things of your daily chores and other major and trivial things. Someone who can simply take up all your orders and would never complain ever for the task you assign them. This was however, never credible before till we saw the advent of robots in the world. Now, people simply own different types of robots and assign them different work including even some of the daily chores activities.  So in other words, we can say with robots, convenience is very much personified. Let’s check some of the most amazing robots of 2013 as under:


This amazing robot comes by a group called Rethink Robotics, which was awarded for producing some of the most incredible robots- Baxter for the productivity tools. This company is known to produce some of the most amazing machines and robots especially the Robots with Common Sense including Baxter. Baxter is among the most affordable machine, which requires any programming background to work, hence can be used by anyone for doing a number of things of your daily chores.

iRobot Looj 330

If you are worried about cleaning the gutter line connected to toilets then this robot is the ultimate choice for you. It is basically a Gutter Cleaning Robot, which has been awarded for Household category. The robot- iRobot Looj 330 is competent to clean up to a 30 feet gutter section in less than five minutes and up to 200 linear feet in one charge. The remote control has the communication range of around 50′, which can allow (user) to be placed at a safe position while treads the cleaning path. Its low profile design simply allows Looj to fit over the 90 % gutters worldwide, by traveling under the gutter straps and at the downspout holes.


Another interesting robot is ecoATM, which was developed a company called ecoATM Inc. The robot has been recognized as one of the interesting invention in the category of Environment/Conservation. It is basically a automated self serve recycling kiosks, which employ patented, advance machine vision and certain artificial intelligence to assess and procure the back used electronics from different customers for cash. By just rendering the element of convenience and comfort along with quick cash incentive, this robot ecoATM’s have played a good role in carrying out the raising recycling rates quickly and thus paying back millions of dollars to the consumers during the process.

Wave Glider

This robot is developed by a company called Liquid Robotics and certainly been applauded under the power generation and utilization category. A number of difficult feet and challenges of human race would be encountered in the coming century would somewhere be relevant to the oceans. In order to defy such challenges, the idea of Liquid Robotics has been evolving of late in the research labs. Wave Glider is among this category of robots, which is meant to keep a check over the oceans and leverage its power to generate energy. This robot is among the first marine robot, which is competent to dwell over the sea for around one year without actually having personnel or fuel or any emission.

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