Tips and Tricks to Choose Green Technology

Save natural resources, save money, save energy and save the environment. That’s what green technology is all about. We need to rethink on the various ways we can conserve and use our resources minimally, and avoid wastage.

  1. Insulation

A smart green tip for a colossal saving on energy is to pack up the insulation of buildings. This is not only for the exterior walls but also the interior dividing walls of a house or office. Most buildings before the 80’s were not constructed with insulation. Now technology has made it very simple. Drill holes in the wall to be insulated and inject loose insulation material that will fill up and form insulation. Usually loose fiberglass or cellulose is used, but some expert use slow rising foam polyurethane which is slightly more expensive, but efficiently fills up every corner to provide a more efficient insulation.

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  1. Ventilation

In the same way, good ventilation is a greener option than using air-conditioners to cool the home or office. Pros suggest using a single big fan in the upstairs hallway to ventilate the whole house. This should be used in less humid climates and just before sunset when the air outside gets cool.

  1. Alternate fuels for cars and SUVs’

Ford has already launched many vehicles using alternate fuel technology in its commitment with the Department of energy and EPA, for instance the Electric Cargo Van in North America and Europe. This year two models using electric engines will hit the road. One is the 2012 Focus Electric and the other is 2012 C-max energy hybrid. Using hydrogen fuel cell which is twice as efficient as internal combustion engines, ethanol and solar powered batteries are also being worked on for a greener future. Till then, we need to think of car pools and bikes, or using public transport for getting around and stop relying so much on cars and SUVs’.

  1. Revive old PC’s

Landfills are getting clogged with old PC’s and electronic equipment. An old PC plugged into the router can still be used for filing and as a printer/ server for the home or install free software like Media Portal and turn it into a DVR. Alternately, it can go to a student or a staid senior, to learn basic computing skills.

  1. Pay bills online

With improved services and security, there is no need to continue with paper bills, pay checks and envelopes. Pay your bills online to save on paper, printing charges and postage.

  1. Charging batteries

When you leave the battery inside the system, it keeps drawing power even when fully charged. Pull the battery out and run the system on the mains. This keeps the battery in a good condition too. Use rechargeable batteries for your electronic games, toys and cameras and reduce the number of batteries going to the landfills. Keep large electric appliances unplugged when not in use. Keep your laptop and computer in a standby or sleep mode as restarting uses up more energy.

Remember, it’s not just the money or energy that is being saved but also contamination of the very ground we stand on and the air and water that we live on.

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