How to Check Which Links Can Harm Your Site’s Rankings?

How to Check Which Links Can Harm Your Site's Rankings

As a website owner, you need to know which links in your website can actually harm your website’s popularity. For this, you would need to know how search engines like Google work. If your content – the words on a web page, is relevant to a keyword and search engines like Google consider your web page to be popular and Google trusts your website, then you’re on the right track.

Know how to judge links

You can know which links can be harmful to your site’s ranking by many ways. Here are some of them:

Relevance = the more relevant the content of your website with the searched term, the more will your website appear in search results. Even if you put links, you need to be sure that you put only relevant links in your content of the website otherwise you might risk losing your site rankings.

Popularity = the popularity of a website increases with each new link. If sites refer to your site in their content, your popularity is increased. In the same way, if your site links to other sites which are trustworthy and received well, your site’s popularity would increase too. It is important to have quality links in your site and links in quality sites to direct to your website.

Trust = the links which direct to your site from other websites should be trustworthy. By trustworthiness, it means that the site should not contain any spam and should not trick the viewer in any way. If the site is not trustworthy, you would not help yourself. Similarly, the links which are in your site, of other websites, need to be trustworthy as well. This is because the more trustworthy a website is (whose trustworthiness is measured by Google), the more will you benefit.

If you can have links from sites with domain names that ends with .edu or perhaps even .org, you are probably on the safe side. This is because education sites of non-profit organization sites have high weight and will help your cause more. If on the other hand, you have got inbound link which are affiliate links or perhaps one to one link exchanges, your site’s popularity might go for a toss. Don’t let these hurt the trust factor of your site.

Take care of all these factors as all of them decide how well you fare in search engine results. If the links are not trustworthy, meaning that the backlinks of your site have website links which Google feels are unsafe, it can harm your site’s rankings. Moreover, the links in your site need to be relevant and be popular. If more popular websites link to your site or main index page, then it will enhance your site’s popularity. In effect, this is called link building.

The best way to have good links is to ensure your content is fully crawl able and is able to provide direct HTML links to every page you want the spiders to index. When spiders index every page of your website, you would get a better search engine ranking.

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