The most annoying types of social media updates

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Social media has become the part and parcel of our lives. You could see every Tom, Dick and Harry using some social networking site or the other to remain connected to their family or friends. Considering the whopping amount of people present over sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. you could see businesses too are leveraging from these platforms. The most common thing, which people keep on doing every now and then, is to put different social media updates. These things tell people in their network about the things, which surround them. However, most of the people are seen simply adding weird and irritating kind of social media updates.  As per a survey carried out by a site called, there are some of the annoying kinds of social media updates, which people post over their wall. Let’s check them out:

Among the most hated kind of social media updates include the diet and exercise boasters. There are people who seem to tell their friends that how much they have cycled this morning or how fast they could run along with the number of calories they have shed in the past few days. Then you have people who simply tell about their regular meals too sound so boring for their friends to read. Another hated people are the cryptic status writers, who write confusing things, which are hard to understand. Putting out such details, which are difficult to understand, is simply weird. So, when you do not want others to tell, what’s the point of putting such updates?

Another people who are seen with annoying updates include the ones who invite to play different games. There are people who are seen bombarding their friends with countless requests to play virtual farmers or some digital mobsters or any other game, which they play over places like Facebook. Another annoying status includes the one, which comes from the proud parents. Though child is a special and amazing to anyone, but writing anything and everything about their child irritates others who are in their social network. Others in the network hardly have any interest whether their child learns to peak or crawl.

Then you have people who keep on signing their own tune by adding up their personal details, favorite color, dress, place to party, likes, dislikes, etc. Nobody likes to know these things especially when people are so much tied up in this busy and competitive world. Another set of status update include the event spammers. Though they could be having some of their events but that doesn’t mean that they keep on bombarding with a hackathon for any of your business campaign. You simply need to tweet these events for few times and not too often in every 5 minute interval.

Lastly, there are people who are called as constant engagers, who are seen liking and commenting on each and every thing they come across their wall. Though these things could be engaging and supporting thing, however, if you start doing everything over your wall, it could be irritating and malign your personality over the social media world. One last set of people are the ones, who are more interested in promoting themselves a lot. The ones who like to sing their own tune without even paying a single heed over others.


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