The Future of Programmatic

The digital world today is moving towards automation. In the ad tech industry, automation has overtaken manual advertising process. Human intervention in processes is being replaced with automated algorithms to help connect advertisers, publishers and consumers. The world has gone programmatic, where data is being used at every step of the way to present relevant ads to highly targeted consumers through the right kinds of websites.

Programmatic advertising technologies have taken the world by storm and this technology is sure to become even more revolutionary in the coming years. Let’s take a peep at what new advancements the adtech industry can expect to witness in the programmatic space:

  1. Programmatic spend will be on the rise:

EMarketer predicted that programmatic expense rose from 1.8 billion pounds to 2.46 billion pounds in just one year—2016. Assuming that this trend continuous, we will surely expect more budget allocated for automated and programmatic advertising.

  1. Goodbye to manual and obsolete ad technologies:

The popularity of programmatic advertising is increasing and by and by this technology is replacing the manual way of displaying ads online. The future will surely have more number of companies jumping into programmatic technologies for all their ad needs, thus widening the gap between automation and manual ad serving.

  1. Drastic increase in personalization:

Today consumers opt for brands that offer them a personalized experience. Personalization is that one element that helps the brand goes from being average to the best. Programmatic technologies will surely incorporate heavy personalization to ensure that customers are able to relate and connect with the brand on a sustainable basis. Personalized programmatic technologies will be achieved through in-depth demographic, psychographic and geo-location analysis.

  1. Programmatic mobile advertising will take centre-stage:

Desktop websites are on the verge of phasing out. Desktops and laptops are slowly and steadily being replaced by mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, smart-watches, etc. According to Econsultancy, Smartphone accounted for 71% of all mobile programmatic transactions across Europe in Q1 of 2016, up from 59% in Q4 of 2015.

  1. The programmatic TV:

Programmatic advertising will take a leap into all things digital and not just be restricted to laptops or smartphones. Programmatic TV is the talk of the town nowadays. A revolutionary change, programmatic TV will take advertising to the next level. Consumers, based on their likes, behaviour, location and other personal factors, will be able to watch ads that on TV that are relevant to them.

  1. Going the header bidding way:

The future is bright for header bidding technologies. This piece of technology is complicated but by and by companies are realizing the benefits of header bidding and are delving into it for connecting better and more effectively with the right audience groups.

  1. Retargeting is an important consequence of programmatic advertising:

With advancement in programmatic technologies, brands will now be able to reach out to customers—new, old or stagnant with relevant content. Retargeting capabilities will ensure that brands are able to cross-sell, upsell more effectively and that customers are attracted through relevant propositions and conversions increase.

  1. Programmatic advertising is all about:

Thanks to advancement are programmatic technologies; the ad world will also see uplift in ad creativity. Programmatic focuses on intense personalization and content creators will make sure their ad material resonates with what the consumers are looking for. We can see that even today, the focus has shifted to personalized online assets, and this will only continue in the coming years, as programmatic technologies become even more advanced.

  1. Consumers think of online ads as a nuisance:

This has led to the rise of ad blocking software. However, programmatic technologies bring with them the promise of relevant content. If consumers are presented with material that seems aligned with their lifestyle or they find such material as value additions, ads will no longer be considered a hindrance. Programmatic Solutions seeks to do exactly this and with the advent of programmatic advertising, ad blocking will hopefully see a decrease, a win for advertisers and publishers.


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