Remix iOS – Android Emulator for Windows


Remix OS is a recent release by Jide that apparently allows you to download Android applications on your Windows Desktop. We can say that Remix OS is different from its original software where users use to play games and enjoy applications in the same Windows environment rather than downloading and boosting  a whole new operating system.

Remix OS enables you to experience some mesmerizing features on your desktop for example, you can run two applications side by side, chat with friends, play dual player games, Its basic feature that takes your heart away is its capability to download Android applications straight from Google Play Store or third party websites.

How it works?

Once you download the executable file, click on it to commence the installation process. When you open the software, you’ll notice that its main screen is quite a representation of your desktop home screen. It contains start menu with toolbar, settings and system clock.

The toolbar along the bottom line includes start button, app shortcuts like Trash, settings, file manager with a beautiful logo of Remix OS at the Backdrop.

All said and done, the surprise is when you pull out the start menu, you can notice a list of installed applications. The start button has three basic options back, home and navigate and a sound control option as well.

It also provides you with some more control buttons for instance, on screen keyboards, a bluetooth and Wifi button. In addition to this you get a notification panel providing you quick settings option. In few words we can say that it is a virtual Android desktop in a Windows Desktop.

Wrap up

Remix OS is not only designed for downloading Android applications directly on Windows Desktop, it also has the ability to develop a whole new Android app for you as well. You can enjoy the software for free on your Desktop.

Few requirements which you need to fulfill while downloading the Emulator are: Windows 7 or above version, 4GB RAM, 8GB Storage, Core i3, i5 or i7, excellent Internet connection and enabled virtualization technology in BIOS.

This article has been contributed by Swati sharma who writes about gadgets, apps and tech news on

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