4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Present for Your Child’s First Birthday

The first birthday of a child is an event that is eagerly anticipated by the parents ever. This is the motivation that keeps them going through all those sleepless nights and the struggles of parenthood. Having survived them all, there is no match for the jubilance that you feel when you see your child grow from infancy to the teething stage and eventually making to their first birthday. It sure has been a crazy ride for you and now that your kid is turning one, celebrations are mandatory!

Aside from all the ideas that you have planned for your child’s first birthday party, make sure that you do not miss out on choosing a special present. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect present for your child’s first birthday.

  1. Consider their Interest

Although barely a year old, your toddler might have already started showing their interest, preferences, and inclinations. You would have noted the things that they are naturally drawn to. Make a list of all that triggers their excitement and interest (excluding mud, insects and electric plugs, of course).

Mark the ones that would make a decent and memorable present for their first birthday. Generally, toddlers like to stay engaged in the filling, spilling, pulling, pushing and other similar activities. Choose something to complement such activities.

  1. Make Sure It’s Useful

The present should be such that it can be conveniently used in the everyday activities of your child. Also, it shouldn’t b so pricey that you will have to stay on a constant watch to ensure it does not get damaged or lost.

Feeding, playing or bathing objects make a smart gift option that will be useful for you and your kid alike. If you are considering choosing toys, be very selective about them. Search online or go to a kid store and browse through the assortments of boys’ and girls’ toys.

Make sure that whatever you pick is age-specific and particularly useful in developing their motor skills.

  1. Personalise Whenever You Can!

Your kid is too small to understand the significance of a present, let alone a personalised one. However, choosing a personalised gift will make you feel good about it. Be it plushy, a pillow, a romper or some accessory, you can get their name or picture printed on that. This is a smart and handy way to personalise the present. Or, if you are ready to put in some effort, you can make them some handicrafts or even renovate their cot.

  1. Buy them Some Catchy Toddler Book

It’s never too early to start a personal library for your kid. Since the child has already turned one, this is a good time to instil in them an interest in books. Illustration books, pictorial stories and colour books will make a nice birthday. Big book stores have an assortment of books specially designed for toddlers.

They are available in hard board format, with erasable colouring and illustration options, as well as soft book, made out of soft plastic pages that can be twisted and turned without being ripped apart.


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