What Every Student Needs to Know Before Attending Their First College Party

So you just finished your first week of classes and heard about an awesome party Friday night. Now the real “college experience” can begin. It’s not a Hollywood movie; it’s real.

Here’s what you need to know before you show up at that frat house and grab a red Solo cup.

Always Show up With a Buddy – or Two

You might have first learned this at summer camp, but a college party can be as tricky as a hike in the woods. Bring a trusted friend. Or several. No one would think of going to a party alone, but a buddy is also someone who can keep an eye on you.

Before arrival, set up some helpful ground rules in case one of you gets into a little trouble. Have a code word with each other to get out of unwanted social situations. And if you start to drift too far apart, check in with each other. You’ll have plenty to talk about the next morning.

Be Smart with the Way You Drink

Now that you have a buddy – or two – with you at the party, make sure approach the inevitable drinking with a plan.

First, if you don’t want any alcohol, turn it down. You can still enjoy all the action without a buzz. If you do decide to drink, never mix. And never lose sight of your drink. If you put it down, leave it. Grab a new cup and start over.

Look for Chances to Meet New People

A party, by definition, is a large gathering of people. Take advantage and mix it up as much as possible.

Mingle. Flirt. Start a random conversation with that cute guy who sits across the row from you in English. What’s the worst that could happen? You can just blame it on the alcohol and laugh it off later.

Avoid Driving and Use a Designated Driver

Getting home safe is the most important part of college partying. Even just one or two drinks could put you needing help if you got behind the wheel. Don’t risk it. Instead, have a buddy be a designated driver. Or use public transportation, a taxi, or even an Uber/Lyft. If you do end up in a DUI situation, make sure that you contact an experienced legal representative, such as Steve W. Sumner, Attorney At Law.

Once you survive the first college party, you can start to look forward to more. They may not be like a Hollywood movie but it’s a big part of that college experience.

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