Importance of Mehndi


Mehendi or call it Lawsonia inermis can be termed as small tropical shrubs. The leaves of these shrubs are dried up and grounded into tiny particles followed by preparing a paste out of it. People (especially the ladies) apply these over their hands or legs (or even over their hair) during different occasions like weddings they simply embark with gorgeous designs in red or black color over their palms and feet which are matched with the Bridal dresses. It has a cooling property without any side effects over your skin. In the current modern world, with different designs and styles seen in Mehndi, you can really end up adding glamour and fun into it. These are also called as painless options to the permanent tattoos. It has great importance in different cultures especially when you talk about the wedding and similar ceremonies.

Mehndi and ceremonial events

Nowadays, Mehndi is becoming a popular option to portray new designs of different styles over your palm and feet. Hence, not only the countries at the east are seen using it, but also the weddings at the western worlds to enjoy using them to decorate brides’ palm and feet. You can find them in two different colors – black and red. The weddings are the best times when you can see ladies of different age groups applying Mehndi over their palms and feet. These are also known as short term tattoos and it lasts for 2-3 weeks and could fade after the said duration. These appear too gorgeous over your palms and feet provided you apply them seeking the help of an expert.

The natural Mehndi is basically popular at all ceremonial events including the wedding. There are several reasons why make it is popular among women and teenage girls. Mehndi made from several natural products is pretty safe and simple to apply without any harmful effect. Mehndi can be applied in different designs and styles as and when you desire. Hence if you dislike any particular design, simply wash your hands or feet and get some other design after 2-3 weeks, when the previous one finally fades away.

Having your palms and feet with gorgeous designs simply makes any occasion like wedding more joyous and memorable. The Mehndi is applied to different brides to give a feeling of queen or princess on her big day and add a new gleam over their overall beauty. It is termed as the most lavishly color cosmetic option which makes the person more attractive and gorgeous. It also gives a healing sensation and hence is used for several health reasons over dry skins or at some bruises and cut.

Mehndi has several medicinal properties

Mehndi is also popular for the number of medicinal attributes all across the world. Apart from being used for various cosmetic purposes, Mehndi is popular as a conditioner and a good dye for the hair of women and men. It is a natural dye which caters you some beautiful color over your hair and gives you some lustrous appearance. Moreover, it is also commonly used to enjoy its cooling effects, hence are popularly used at countries which have a warm climate. In this way, it helps in averting issues like fevers, headaches along with soothing your burnt feet or hands. It is also used to calm down your violent temper or even drive away from some hysteria. It can also boost your nails’ luster and thus play an effective role in soothing the effects of jaundice and muscular rigidity.

Wrapping up

Mehndi is seen in vogue not only in the eastern nations but all across the world both for the cosmetic and medicinal reasons. Nowadays, people in the west too are seen using them to create temporary Tattoos over their wrists, arms, shoulders, back and, around the navel. Its importance is increasing with every passing day.

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