15 Amazing Room Decor Ideas For Your Baby Girl


If you’re about to decorate your newborn girl’s bedroom, it’s important that you don’t overdo things. One of the obvious signs of first time parenthood is over decorating your newborn child’s room. If it’s a boy, parents will usually over-paint the room blue, put up a lot of decorations and include several posters of race cars or airplanes. If it’s a girl, the room will either be colored pink or red, the cushions and pillows will have frills, and a doll or a small decorative dress will be included to help make the point. This may seem like good ideas for a baby’s room, but most parents will regret these kinds of decisions later on. This is because not only are these decorations cliché, they’re also impractical.

Since we’re discussing baby girls’ rooms, what you have to remember is that making the room unnecessarily pretty will also make more difficult to maintain and clean. Remember, no matter how beautiful your baby girl is, she’s still a baby, and babies are messy. So if you’re expecting a baby soon, here are 15 amazing room decor ideas for your baby girl.

1. Make Sure There’s Plenty of Space

This advice applies to both boy’s rooms and girl’s rooms. Sufficient space is necessary because it helps increase lighting and improves a room’s overall ambiance.

2. Add Flowers

Assuming that your daughter doesn’t have allergies or a delicate constitution, you can always try adding a few vase flowers around her room. “Daffodils” and “Forget-Me-Not” are a couple of good examples, but feel free to get something more exotic if you prefer. Flowers not only help your daughter appreciate nature, they can also help her identify different shapes and colors as she grows older.

3. Use Wall Decals and Wall Stickers Sparingly

Every little girl’s room should have its own wall decals and stickers, but these things should also be used sparingly. Don’t use more than ten and always make sure that they match the appearance of the rest of the room. Also, if you don’t know which decals to use, avoid experimenting. Instead, look for a site that offers free advice on how to use wall stickers and decals tastefully. One good example is Roommates Peel & Stick, but feel free to do your own research.

4. Use Rainbow Colors 

Instead of pink or scarlet, it’s a much better idea to use rainbow colors to decorate your baby’s room. Not only can they make the room interesting, rainbow colors can also help stimulate your child’s ability to recognize new colors.

5. Avoid Using Too Much Pink 

If you do decide to add the color pink in your girl’s bedroom, be sure to limit its use. For example, you can use pink to paint the corners of the room or use pink colored decorations to emphasize the color on the walls.

6. Add A Few Children’s Books

Although your daughter is still too young to read anything, children’s books nevertheless make for good decorations. They’re attractive, compact and they are always useful for when you want your child to look at pictures. So if you have room for a book case, a few children’s books are always good additions to a baby girl’s room.

7. Put Up Animal Portraits 

One way to stimulate your child’s mind is to add a few animal portraits around her room. It doesn’t matter if the portraits are accurate or not. What matters is that you give your daughter something nice and interesting to look at while they’re resting.

8. Get A Music Box

If you know where to buy an affordable music box, go for it. Music boxes are not only great decorations, they can also help entertain your child and play a lullaby when you or your spouse don’t feel like singing.

9. Make Sure There’s Enough Lighting 

Aside from decorating your newborn daughter’s room, you should also make sure that it has enough lighting. This means installing windows at the right places and adding lamps and night lights where they are needed. Lighting is particularly important because you’ll want your baby girl to adjust to more and more light as time goes by.

10. Look for Suitable Cabinets 

Cabinets don’t need to be pretty, but they will need to match the room’s other decorations. For example, if you use bright colors for your baby’s room then get a cabinet that has bright colors as well. If you want something elegant then classic or Victorian style cabinets are good options too. Although it’s only useful for storing clothes and other items, cabinets still play a prominent role in the room’s overall decorations.

11. Don’t Add Accessories Where They’re Not Needed

If you plan to add accessories, such as ribbons or stickers, don’t use them where they’re not needed. You can place stickers on empty walls, tie ribbons on the curtains or add figurines on a table or two, but that’s it. There is such a thing as over-accessorizing and putting too much in your baby’s room will only add to the clutter.

12. Add Throw Pillows 

Throw pillows are nice additions to a baby girl’s room. Not only are they subtle, they are much more useful than stuffed animals. Throw pillows can make the entire room appear soft without being obvious about it. Also, they’re useful for when you or your spouse decide to spend some time with your baby girl.

13. Include A Few Colorful Rugs 

Rugs are useful for two reasons. The first reason is that they make your baby’s room prettier, while the second reason is that they help drown out the sound of your footsteps, which helps your baby to stay asleep.

14. Make Sure the Curtains Match the Rest of The Room

If your baby girl’s room has a flower theme then get a curtain with floral decorations. If, on the other hand, the room has a lot of bright colors then bright colored curtains are good options to get as well. As long as the curtains match the rest of your room, it’s a good choice.

15. Use Custom Made Decorations

If you want to give your little girl’s room a Disney theme then you should look for custom made decorations. A special item that’s inspired by a Disney movie or a fairy tale can add a special, subtle touch to the room. Just remember to be subtle about it.


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