How to Improve the Workspace for Your Employees

Employees are the heart of the company, and just like the one ticking in your chest, you have to take a good care of them. It doesn’t have to be anything luxurious, but simple gestures that show how much you respect them and see them as an important part of the company.
Since productivity is the key to profit, you have to keep your employees motivated to invest themselves in the work they do. A happy employee can help your company more than just with productivity. They can become loyal and promote your brand, which is one of the most positive marketing strategies you can have.
Additionally, they will create a positive image for your company on the market and thus you will be a formidable competition to others. It doesn’t take much to be a great employer and treat your employees right, which you’ll see from some of the tips we prepared.

1.   Keep everything working properly

Whether your employees use computers or more complex equipment for their work, you have to perform regular maintenance. Inappropriate machinery, or devices that experience certain glitches can hinder their work, and more importantly, endanger their health. Having regular servicing of the devices is something that will create a safe working environment and also lower the costs of repair or buy new equipment.

2.   Designate a recreation area

It may sound like a big expense, but recreation area is actually something that is well worth it to have in the workspace. Depending on your budget, you can design it to suit everyone’s interests and needs. After all, the idea is to create a comfortable place where your employees can spend their breaks or simply come to clear their heads.
Usually, this area has some sort of entertainment like Play Station or board games, but it can also have some other features. Consider creating cozy nooks for the readers or friends who drink coffee together. Add some tables and chairs, besides the lazy bags and sofas so this can sometimes be a nice place for brainstorming.

3.   Listen to your employees

Every employee wants to know what CEO thinks of them or how to get their attention and present ideas. Of course, it’s hard to listen to everybody and you have to find the best system that will work for everyone’s benefit.
For example, create an online form that will allow your workers to suggest certain changes, updates, improvements or new projects. Have time to review you these personally and reply to them in a timely manner, since that will encourage positive work ethics. If online form is not an option, you can designate a certain time when employees can present these ideas personally.
Being this open to innovation in your company will not only boost morale among the employees but help your business. Take into consideration that your employees are also familiar with new market demands and trends, so their input can really help your business thrive.

4.   Create a comfortable environment

Consider that your employees will spend at least six hours a day at the company and some may be there for overtime. There are several things you can actually do to make them feel more comfortable, starting from their health. For example, maintain and clean commercial AC systems regularly to provide them with fresh and clean air, and buy them ergonomic chairs.
Place some plants around the workspace to create a livelier atmosphere, and you can even use some art to brighten the space. Paint the walls in neutral and pastel colors to brighten up the mood and use screens for windows to shade the sunlight. These are some of the small, but significant improvements to the workspace which your employees will value.

5.   Pay attention to their breaks

No one can work non-stop, and that means that your employees need breaks to clear their heads and rest. Therefore, let them know that this is okay and even encourage them to take breaks and leave their workstation for a few minutes. You can, of course, take this to an improved and today very popular level.
Create a Zen garden where your employees can sit around and calm their minds, or add some other features like waterfalls. Hire a trainer to come to the offices and show your employees how to stretch after long hours at the desk. Keep the kitchen stocked with coffee, tea, milk and other beverages and food they can consume free of charge.
Some companies even have a masseur who can massage the employees and so relieve stress and tension. If your business requires formal clothing, then have a Casual Friday day at least once a month. When it comes to pets, allow your employees to bring them but make sure they follow a schedule. The last thing you want is to have a zoo or animal control at your premises.


Being a great boss is more than paying well. It’s about having a good relationship with your employees and valuing their work through praise and acknowledgment. This behavior on your part will start a positive work culture and improve the workspace for your employees. In addition, finally, as a result, bring profit, positive image and promote your brand in the best possible way.

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