10 Summer Camps in Bangalore

10 Summer Camps in Bangalore

There has been a lot of talk about events for the people who enjoy a night out in the coolest lounge or who like enjoying a good musical or art show. But what about the little ones; why should they miss out on any of the fun this summer? Are there events that you can attend as a family and still have a whale of a time? Does namma Bengaluru play host to any such interesting things? It certainly does! There is a galore of summer camps in Bangalore that will invigorate you and children spiritually and physically. Here are a few of them that you can try beginning April 27th and going a few days beyond that too.

  1. Kutoohala in the native language of Bangalore means curiosity. As we all know, children are fountains of curiosity. So why don’t you give them a free rein this summer by letting them attend the summer camp organized by Kutoohala, located on Ratnavilas Road, between April 27th and May 2nd? The name of the camp is “A Space for Curious Minds” and aims at helping children have fun with science and maths with the usage of fun toys, most of which come from the reputed Arvind Gupta Toys Gallery. The children are encouraged to learn more about concepts in these subjects and to make toys of their own. This will be a perfect blend of the education and fun at the same time! The fee per child for this camp is Rs. 2,250.

  2. The Ranga Shankara Theatre in 2nd phase JP Nagar has for a long time drawn some of the most creative minds from all around the world. This summer, children aged between 7 and 9 years will be encouraged to explore their “Relationships with the Environment” in this camp that will be managed by Anita Salim, a professional artist of several national and international theatre festivals. Based on lore and famous characters from various traditions, children will be taught how to get ready to get on to the stage by learning basics in body expressionism, costume making and make-up skills. Fee per child is Rs. 3,000.

  3. Those of you looking to relax your body mind and mind this summer without travelling great distances to achieve this result can get some of it right within the city limits! The Capitol Hotel is playing host to Sri Sri Ramachandra Guruji on April 25th and 26th between 9 AM and 6 PM. Located on Raj Bhavan Road, the popular Capitol Hotel is where you can undergo a 2 day self-cleansing and experiential workshop that will calm your mind and bring a lot of peace and vitality to your body as a whole. The guruji will interact in both Kannada and English so more people can benefit from his healing ways. Contact the organizers for more details about their fees and topics covered in the workshop.

So, events in Bangalore are not just limited to fun, frolic and games! There is a lot more that the city has to offer. Keep an eye out for some more of such thrilling stuff and keep enjoying this summer!


About the author – The author is a big fan of outdoor activities and likes spending his time travelling and learning new things. He likes blogging about such popular events like summer camps in Bangalore on www.eventshigh.com, as well.

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