Relish the best of nature, culture, and hospitality, explore Nainital

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Summary:Brimming with number of tourism attractions, exploration of Nainital tourism is the best thing to do in your next holiday. Simply head to this heavenly land on Earth and relish the best of your holiday.

Body: Nainital, the largest town in the Kumaon region, is one of the most visited tourist towns in the nation. It is a beautiful little town in the verdant regions of the Uttarakhand state, giving every single visitor the opportunity to relish the best of his/her holiday and get close to himself, his family, and the nature.

As far as tourism of the town is concerned, Nainital is without doubt a hundred percent tourist town. Ideally, the town remains pleasant for a visit at any point of the year. However, May to mid-July and October are the time in a year when the city is simply flocked by tourist up-to-the-gills, belonging to different parts of the nation as well as tourists from some foreign nations. It is also during these peak seasons that the accommodations in the best hotels in Nainital go skyrocketing. Keeping apart the prices of hotels in the hill town, everything else in the town is pleasing and lovable, the natural scenic beauty of the town in particular.

There is no second thoughts that the hill town is highly blessed by the nature. The sky reaching mountains that are evenly capped by thick virgin forests, the gloomy winter sun that plays hide-and-seek with the onlookers because of the obstructing clouds, the misty fogs that make the whole surrounding white, the beautiful meadows filling the entire town with sweet aroma, the beautiful sparking Naini lake with the lovely hotels and restaurants around, the town is simply a delight not just to the eyes, but also to the mind, body, and soul. All the lookout points give the best views of the town and the lake; they are like a slide-show of some of the most beautiful photographs.

Although, most of the glamour of the town basically exist in and around the Naini lake, but there are a couple of interesting and beautiful sights in other parts of the region as well. Developed by the homesick British, Nainital was the erstwhile summer resort of the British during their colonial era. While they were in control of power of the land they built some beautiful monuments, residencies, churches, and other structures. Many of these are still present in the town with their original or little lost grandeur. They are must visit attractions for anyone having interest in history.
Besides, being in the town also gives one the opportunity to spend a tranquil holiday retreating and meditating. The town houses some revered Hindu temples that are the virginal venues to worship. To name a couple of places to visit in Nainital that are not to be missed at any cost include: Snow View, St. John in the Wilderness, Gurney House, Mallital, Nanda Devi Temple, Guano Hills, Sariyatal, Tiffin Top, Bara Bazaar, The Mall, and of course Naina Lake.

In short, Nainital is simply one of the places where one can unwind, kick-back and relax, eat well, go paddling on the lake or horse riding, and spent the best times with the family.

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