Why not to use Google services like Gmail and Google Plus?



Google is among the biggest companies over the web. It has dominated all these years in the search business and ad market. The company is among the top growing businesses, which has embarked as a giant in the market competing bigwigs like Microsoft and Apple. The company offers a wide range of services, which include the mail service like Gmail, social media platform Google Plus and YouTube a video uploading platform to name a few. However, despite the hype and millions of users over these platforms, Google give many reasons to opt out from their services. In fact, there are better alternatives found online, which more robust and competitive in terms of features and services when you compare them with the Google web services. Let’s check some of the reasons why you need to opt out from Google’s services:

Too Much Privacy Issues

One of the key reasons why you should shun Google Web Services is due to the privacy issues. The users often face privacy problems. They use the users’ data for their own business promotion and use. They are even seen breaching the lines of privacy by collecting even certain classified data as it roamed via the cities and towns taking different pictures of Streets and roads. The Google ads has been always seen violating the privacy rules, which the Gmail based users often face with their ad content. Though Google has claimed that the company maintains anonymity every time, however, just the opposite is the case, which gives the users enough reasons to quit.


Bing Better Than Google

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft has very lass amount of market share than Google search enjoys, however, it simply lacks in terms of users. Yet, it embarks with some of the best features, which make the search engine a viable option to Google Search. One of the key elements is Bing is the company’s integration of social media activity. Though you may find Google giving you updates from Facebook and Twitter, but Bing is much better in this job wherein caters all the status updates found in Facebook instead of Groups. In addition, its Twitter integration simply works perfect giving a much better search experience.

Google Maps Aren’t that Effective as Promised

Google Maps are often counted among the best map services on web. Though it may be seen doing a good job, you certainly have better options, which become worth considering. This include MapQuest is one of the veteran tools for travelers. It helps you find the right route along with other local information like gas prices, the list of local hotspots and several other details on the map. The company fails to own Street View like experience for all the users to find out what location you would find the best, however, those who are keen to find the points of interest around the given locations can easily take resort in MapQuest.


Fewer Startup Support

Supporting the smaller startups is a key reason for moving away from the web services of Google. When Google started its venture, it was indeed a small and trivial company, which was managed by few men who embarked with some good idea. There are many similar business ventures on the internet right now; however, the kind of support from Google to become a dominant company is often missed out from them. Google simply hates novices and startups supporting, which give enough reasons for the users to find out some good alternate.

The Issue with Power

One of the key reasons why some people hate Google’s web service is the amount of power the users get over the Internet from them. For long the customers were seen gripped up to Microsoft for the company being big and powerful. This has caused other companies and customers to play as per their own rules. Today, the company has lost its power and position of being a dominant force in the technology world, which is being snatched by Google. However, Google is treading the same path as carried out by the Microsoft. Hence its inevitable to see Google collapsing as well. Moreover, Google fails to empower its users and keeps them powerless rather than benefitting on its own.

Wrapping up

Google has many demerits when it comes to using their services. Right from blocking you to use different services to annoying you with privacy breach, you have enough reasons to opt out from Google’s services.



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