Best history apps for your iPad and iPhone

Best history apps for your iPad and iPhone

History apps allow you to integrate the best of all worlds, giving you access to all the details of a past event while still allowing you to explore it through pictures, video and even interactive 3D. Your ipad and iPhones bring the history alive to their screens. Here is a list of best history apps for your iPad and iPhone.

Timeline World war 2 with Dan Snow

Timeline World war 2 is a simple audio-visual tour of the Second World War. It is one of the most exciting history apps you’ve never seen with your ipad. The app includes a fascinating zoom able timeline of the entire war. Though the app lacks the depth that an academic book offers, Timeline World War II still does more than just providing an insight of the subject.

It’s clear from the name that all of the war events are neatly structured according to the dates, easily accessible through a Timeline view that can be zoomed in for more info or zoomed out for more of an insight. You can also switch to a dynamic map view, which makes it easy to understand how the war first spread and then advanced at any point to the conflict. Overall this app is a fantastic way to teach young historians the course of conflict.

Building Titanic

Now with this free iPad app, you can travel back to the past and witness Titanic’s construction. Its Timeline feature is absolutely gorgeous that covers major events in the ship’s construction from the approval of the ship’s design to the completion of the design.

What’s even more exciting is that you learn many interesting facts about the ship and the crowd associated with it through archived photos. The information on the app is just amazing that keeps you engaged for hours as you explore the ship completely. It also covers the working conditions of the laborers, the different parts of the ship when it embarked on its final voyage along with its video footage.

The British Monarchy

The app tells you everything you need to know about the British royal family. This app works both on iPhone and iPad. It shows a list of all the British monarchs, from 757 AD to House of Windsor. Selecting each ruler takes you to a brief bio of them. You would be interested to learn more about each UK monarch than the short summary included here. And for more reading, the app provides an appendix of more Acts, speeches and Orders. It’s a handy reference guide that keeps you engaged for hours.

Pyramids 3D

If you’re interested in Egyptian history then this is a must-have app. Explore the ancient monuments of Egypt on your iPad screen in this entertaining, amazing 3D world.

Disclose the amazing story of history’s greatest treasure by exploring Egypt’s famous pyramids and tombs. You can have a 360 degree view of these monuments. Pyramids 3D is an excellent app that is unrivaled in the App store.


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