Worldfloat – a new name in social media bandwagon

Worldfloat – a new name in social media bandwagon

In the era of social media, it is not surprising to know any other social networking site joining the bandwagon of social media. However, it would be interesting that this new social networking site- WorldFloat comes from India. As per its founder Pushkar Mahatta, emails were the basic revolution, which hit the world and second was the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, these sites have unleashed new boundaries to communications. WorldFloat is certainly going to address this need and facilitate the communication between the people based over this planet on the equally diverse platform.  In a sense, WorldFloat can be called as a robust communication device, which will empower the users all across the world. 

How it all started?

It’s been a year since the journey for Worldfloat has started, wherein the founder was inspired somewhere by the book “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. Then seeking some of the best IT engineers Pushkar was finally able to embark with this platform. Now, this new social networking site has around 6 million users all across the world, and by this year end, it is likely touch 10 million users. Well, with this idea, WorldFloat seems to unfold as the upcoming generation social network, which boasts of taking to social networking giants like Facebook in the coming times.

The working behind social network

The basic user interface of WorldFloat is similar to Facebook, so you will find email login out there wherein after doing the authentication, you are supposed to jot down the basic details. The first look and feel of platform is simply out of the box and it would take around 10 minutes to get well versed about the same. As you log inside this platform, you will find the users floating like fishes moving inside the aquarium. In fact, this is due to the floating technology, which has been executed over this network.  However, if you dig deep into this technology, you would understand that this phenomenon is basically due to the uniqueness of this technology called the floating technology.

Hence the floating pieces you find here are basically people from different cities. Also, you can browse them via cities through a click and add people from that particular city. Also, you can click over the world map seen below to move directly to any specific city and then add friends. You have the option of finding profile details of any particular person whom you have added, however, the profile page seems to be very much shabby carrying some of the basic features.

The features

The homepage of WorldFloat has several features including City News, Personal Channel, City Tube, Friends List and Messages. The City News gives you vital news and happening from your city, whereas the City Tube carries a number of videos from any local city. But the former fails to unleash the news element rather only showing updates from different unknown people. At the same time, City Tube also unveils a number of YouTube videos from a number of Indian users and US users as well. The fact is, the moment you change the cities, you would find a number of Indian accounts floating over a number of nations. Also, you can find a number of Gamification features with names like Treasure Hunt wherein you get vouchers for scoring high. You also have status update features that help you in sharing your thoughts inside your community. [sociallinkz]

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