Want to explore the world long-term? Choose a travel style to suit your family!

What could make our lives better than having the freedom to travel around the world in search of great destinations, new people and traditions that can make us perceive life differently? Choosing the style in which we would like to travel, the type of places we would like to discover and discovering the magic that comes from being amidst nature can only help us improve our overall existence and perspective on life.

When we decide to travel with family and friends, things get way better because we share our common passion for discovery on the road, we learn to live life differently giving in to other people’s habits and discover new ways of spending quality time with those we love the most in life. Let’s see some of the best traveling styles that we could consider for our yearly family traveling adventures.

Go whale watching in Madagascar

Are you ready to do something that you have never done before? Feeling the adrenaline already? How about watching the whales far away in Madagascar this year? This might become the most impressing thing you have done so far in your life. Not to mention the joy that will be featured by the other members of your family given the huge surprise you have prepared for them this year.

Did you know that these whales weigh 30 to 50 tons? Just their heart equals more than three huge humans so meeting these amazing wild animals can only be as thrilling as it seems. They cannot just be spotted anytime and anywhere. You need to be lucky to experience this in your life. You need to travel to the right place at the right time and find those local guides that know how to get you a front spot in the arena. Read more about 

Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

Madagascar is the region where the humpback whale can be witnessed and the best time to manage this is from July to September. It is only then that they come back from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to mate and give birth in the Mozambique Channel. Given the fact that these are season eaters who only eat a few months every year, you need to be the right person, at the right place and with the right people to witness them in their wild habitat.

You and your family will feel so amazed by the huge proportions featured by these animals and they will give you a sense of power that is different from anything you have experienced before!

The amazing family safari adventure of this year

Africa is definitely the perfect land for safari adventures. It has it all for this amazing travel style that keeps you and your family on the edge every time you manage to get there. Feeling the dangers of the wilderness close as well as its beauty and encountering wild animals everywhere you go just makes you feel different and enjoy life more than ever.

Even when you travel with kids you can take advantage of the greatest benefits of visiting the far regions in Africa where the best safari adventures are enabled. Kids love to be in the wilderness, see wild animals in front of their eyes and just get reconnected with nature. In the Ant’s Nest Limpopo Province for example, on the Waterberg Plateau there are private bush home offers for excellent family safaris.

If you get to this converted ranch house you will be able to stay in one or more of the six end-suite bedrooms available so your whole family can stay in the same place and spend quality time together. There is even an extensive garden where you can spend time as well as a heated swimming-pool to relax in after your daily rendezvous with wild creatures from the surrounding wilderness.  Your children can also have fun on the sandpit, the featured trampoline as well as the thatched area with huge relaxing sofas or the place where you can all engage in a game of badminton.

All in all, you should make this year be all about a new family adventure on the road. Take your life partner and children and just experience something new in great places from around the world and during the most amazing Botswana family safari.




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