New Year holidays: 5 reasons why you must visit Greenland

Are you ready to write a new story about a great New Year holiday in one of the most amazing destinations in the world? We recommend you to choose Greenland this year because there is a lot to discover there and you will create amazing new memories from this trip. Although tourism in this region is a relatively new discovered path of business, the spectacular scenery you can admire there makes it worth your travel.

The most attractive destinations in this area have been highly promoted in the last couple of years and this has placed this destination on the map for great trips on special occasions like the one celebrating the passing from one year to another. Let’s discover below the greatest things that Greenland has to offer and how much fun you can have discovering their historic sites on the most popular day of the year.

Christmas and New Year in Greenland: a unique experience

One of the main reasons why planning a great New Year holiday in Greenland is a great idea is because locals there have a wide range of interesting traditions and festive gatherings. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are special occasions in the case of which locals and tourists have a lot of fun there together. Such holidays are usually celebrated with gorgeous candles to remind people of the magic of the winter season as well as numerous Christmas stars that appear in the sky and can be witnessed from all windows in private homes.

On New Year’s Eve, you will see the Christmas trees in the center of the towns and be amazed by the multitude and diversity of lights used to illuminate these. You will also feel more welcome than anywhere else in the world because most families are used to having tourists as guests on a winter holiday and always offer them the chance to create great memories from their trip to Greenland. All decorations are kept until the 6th of January every year so you have plenty of time to enjoy them while engaging in a wide range of interesting activities in this region. Know more about

Deciding to spend the New Year holiday in Greenland is also a great idea given the good food served thereby locals on this special occasion as well as the great fireworks and all the singing and drinking champagne kind of fun that you will experience. They celebrate this holiday twice on the same day: the first one is the Danish New Year celebration that occurs at 8 pm and the second one is the Greenlandic New Year celebration that occurs at midnight. Get ready to witness the snow-covered scenery being illuminated by colorful rockets and spectacular lights that you will keep in your secret stock of memories forever.

The Northern Lights experience on New Year’s Eve

Spending the New Year’s Eve in this amazing region, with all the great scenery surrounding Greenland can only be a unique experience to live at least once in a lifetime. It is not only due to the great game of fireworks lighting up the sky but also because you have the chance to experience a unique natural phenomenon that attracts many people from around the world then: the Northern Lights.  Moreover, you can also attend a gala dinner in the restaurant of Hotel Icefiord that evening if you choose to celebrate the beginning of a new year in one of the most special accommodation places in the area. Good food, perfect music and locals willing to have a good time together with tourists will make the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, do not forget to visit Ilulissat Icefjord as well during your trip to Greenland because it is a Unesco World Heritage Site and it is definitely worth seeing. It towers up to 75 meters into the air and features an unforgettable sight for the curious eyes and minds of brave travelers from around the world. Accommodate yourself and your friends in the best place where to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and visit the natural attractions in the area to ensure one of the perfect Greenland holidays that you will treasure forever.





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