Tips to Choosing the Best Laminate Floor and The Benefits

Laminate floor is priced reasonably and is easy to install. If you are looking for a suitable flooring option which can boost the curb appeal, go for laminate flooring installation. To update the look and appearance of your room or home, choose laminate floors. With the laminate floor installation, you may change the appearance of the entire house. The best part about laminate flooring is that it encompasses various kinds of appearances right from tiles and stones to wooden appearances. Laminate floor is a great option as it is tough, durable, and a versatile choice. Resembling real wood, laminate floor looks great for decades. It is moisture-resistant and offers long-term benefits.

If you are willing to choose laminate floor for your home, you have to follow some tips to choosing the laminate floors. Within the realm of laminate floors, you have the options of smooth surface and textured surface. If you have kids and pets at home and the floor experiences a lot of traffic, you have to choose textured floor. Similar to this, there are various other considerations to make. Laminate flooring installation offers many other benefits.
Why to choose laminate floors above other options?
There are some major perks associated with this kind of floor.

  • Laminate floor is extremely durable and scratch resistant in nature. It has resin coating which is really tough to protect the surface. The type of floor is best meant for areas experiencing high traffic. If you are using it in the commercial area, look for an AC rating which is above 3.
  • When compared to other kinds of floors, laminate floor is much easier to install. As the boards of the floor interlock, the installation is easy. If you want, you can install the floor over other floors.
  • When compared to traditional wooden floors, this type of floor is cost effective and less expensive. The quality of the floor is also outstanding.
  • As laminate is versatile, you may install it over any of the subfloors. It may be vinyl subfloor or concrete sub-floor.
  • You may avail the floor in variety of styles and specifications. It is available in stone, tiles, and wooden finishes. All such finishes may be found in different colors, treatments and thicknesses.
  • The floor is easy to clean and maintain
  • The choice is really neat as it does not attract dust and dirt

How to choose laminate floor?

  • It is important to choose the right surface finish. Textured surfaces are best meant for busy households
  • If you want laminate floor to create the right feel, choose proper color. Do not go for darker floors as that can show up more dust and dirt. When dust and dirt accumulates on the surface, they show up easily. Dust is light in shade and so if the surface is dark, it will be more apparent. It all depends on your likes and preferences.
  • Choose the pattern of floor which suits your design plans and needs. You may go for stone laminate floor or wide plank design.
  • Laminate floors are available in various price ranges. But, the quality differs as per the price rate. If the price is more, the quality will be good. So, consider the seller and the price he charges for the floor.
  • You have to take into account the durability of the floor. For commercial spaces, you need to look for laminate floors of highest grades like AC4 or AC5.

Consider DIY laminate floor installation to save cost. Do not consider lower grade for laminate floors. The one with high grade will last for decades. The best part is that the kind of floor resembles real wood.

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