Ideas for Redoing the Room for the Teens

Ideas for Redoing the Room for the Teens

When your children are growing a little bit older, the nursery wall decals and the cute toys are not their attractions any more. They need something different and comparative mature but not so childish decoration in their bedrooms so that they will not get bored and feel naïve for the space. Here are some tips for the teen’s room decoration. You might as well take them for references.

1, ask suggestions from our teens

If you are not guiding them in a luxurious way, it will not cost you too much for the changes. After all, they want their private space growing with their ages, too. Long time the same decoration may bore them. For teens, they start to have their own thoughts as well as likes. Before decorating, why not just take a several minutes to ask our teens what aspects they want to have a change or what functions they want to add or remove. For instance, for babies, the room is always full of all kinds of adorable nursery wall decals. But for teens, they want something more meaningful and creative.

2, change a color theme for the room

No matter what kind of theme and color the children’s room is, try to change a color and different theme. In this way, the redo the room can give a fresh and totally different feeling for our teens. Think about two or three different color. Blue and pink are popular in children’s rooms. For teens, these colors are ok, but if you can add something more, it would be a plus. Purple and white is nice for girls and chocolate and cream is ok for boys.

3, place proper furniture for teens

When the children grow a little bit older and come to the age for school, you may consider buying or replacing furniture for them. They do not need the furniture for playing or not suitable for their height. Meanwhile, they need more storage spaces for books and personal stuffs. if the furniture is ok for the room, what you need to do is just keep it or paint a color for it to change a look.

4, pay attention to the room accessories

The teens, especially for the boys, they like to wear sneakers. Whereas the sneakers are easy to cause damage and leave stains. Therefore, the solid and easy to upkeep flooring is a better choice for the boys. There are many other accessories you may pay attention to, you may know it through your daily observation. Click here to find more.



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