6 Interior Design Trends for 2016


Modern homes are evolving every single day. Since more than half of 2016 has already passed, we can finally identify some of the biggest interior design trends of the year. There are many trends that have marked this year and it seems they are going to stick around for a little while. We have singled out 6 of them that are definitely worth checking out.

Nature-Themed Prints

There are many beautiful nature-themed prints out there that are constantly becoming more and more popular. Just like plant-inspired clothing is becoming a thing, furniture with such design is becoming trendy. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should decorate the entire room with nature-themed prints. You can think about using it just for one or two pieces of furniture while you choose neutral colors for the rest of the room. If you want to make sure your take on this look stays trendy, you can think about using prints that differ from their natural color schemes.

Geometric Shapes

If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your home, you can always add some geometric shapes to it as well. This trend used to turn heads back in the ‘70s and it is surely becoming popular once again. What makes geometric shapes great is that they can be incorporated in every single style. If you want more traditional look, you can incorporate geometric shapes into your floor tiles and wallpapers. And if you’re into a more modern look, you can try to make a statement with some shapely pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures.


Metallic Materials

Metallic materials are surely a big star of 2016. This doesn’t come as much surprise since these can bring a sophisticated and glamorous touch to just any place. No matter if you opt for silver, chrome or gold, every room will benefit from some metallic color. What made metallic so special in this year is its ability to mix and match. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, you should think about using one metallic material as a focal point of the room, while you use other materials for some smaller items.

Eco-Friendly Options

In 2016, we are not only supposed to make our homes look good, but we should also aim at making them as eco-friendly as possible. First of all, this means you should start using plants for decorating your place. Not only will plants make your home look great, but they will also eliminate all the harmful chemicals from the air. Another way to make your interior more eco-friendly is to start relying on natural light rather than artificial light. This means you should opt for big windows and skylight shades.


Concrete is another material everyone wants to use in 2016. The industrial look has never been more popular and there are many different ways you can incorporate it into your home. First of all, there are concrete lighting options that can add some style to any room. These are especially popular with homeowners who are looking to decorate their homes in minimalist style. Concrete is also a quite popular flooring option today. If you’re looking for a contemporary but classic flooring, you should definitely opt for decorative concrete.

Bold Blues

Every single year has its colors and when it comes to 2016, bold blues are something you can never go wrong with. Cobalt, navy and royal blue are the colors that have marked this year. These colors can easily be incorporated in any room you want since all of them are quite impactful. Bold blues are especially effective when it comes to decorating your kitchen. You can use a combination of bold blues and white for tiles and kitchen cabinets.

2016 has certainly been an exciting year when it comes to interior design. If you want your home to look great, it’s very important that you do whatever you can to stay on top of the trends. It’s quite difficult to predict which of the popular trends are going to be a hit in 2017 as well. Still, these 6 trends seem like they are going to stick around for a little longer and incorporating them in your home surely is a great thing to do.


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