8 Simple Hacks To Make A Small Living Room Feel Spacious And Cosy

All homes are different, and while some have a large living room and spacious bedrooms, they may have a small bathroom and kitchen to compensate. Likewise, homes with large kitchens and bathrooms may have had to compromise on the size of their lounge. If your living room is a little on the small side, you might find that it can easily become cluttered and claustrophobic.

Having friends and family over can become a problem if your living room is small as it can quickly feel over-crowded. Even just your day-to-day living will probably feel like a tight squeeze and a constant battle against the clutter that builds up due to a lack of storage space and surface areas.

On the plus side, it’s often easier and quicker to clean and tidy up a smaller living room. They also require less energy to heat them up, making smaller living rooms typically feel cosier than larger ones.

If you often find that you spend your time moving clutter from one place to another due to lack of storage space in your living room, or that it feels over-crowded when you have guests over, it’s time to do something about it!

There are some simple, yet effective, interior design hacks that can help you to create the illusion of a much more spacious and airy living room, as well as tricks to help you create additional storage space to prevent clutter. This infographic from PH Blinds & Curtains Ltd features eight simple ways in which you can transform your living room and make it feel spacious yet cosy…


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