Tasteful Decorating Ideas for Modern Living Room

What’s one of the most important design aspects of a living room? A nicely decorated fireplace mantel! If there are no other eye-catching accent pieces in the room, it’s the first thing that will draw the attention. However, you can transform it from merely an attention-grabber to the focal point of the place with stylish display and tasteful decoration!

If you’re up for a mantel makeover but not sure how and where to begin, check these following ideas. They are suitable whether you want the fireplace to be decorated with a contemporary or classic aesthetic.

Soften the look with a refreshing green touch. Fireplaces are typically made of bulky and hard-looking materials such as brick, stones, and sometimes metal too. Their heavy, masculine look can make the living space look drab and lifeless if designed improperly. Plants are an excellent option to give the place a more feminine look.

The pop of green from a couple of small plants and tall grasses will add delicacy to the appearance of the mantel. Place two or three floral arrangements on it if you want to add a more feminine tone.

Add an architectural detail. They are an excellent alternative to artwork, especially when you are confused over whether to frame up personal photographs or go for a beautiful painting. They are available in a range of size, color, and a wide variety of styles. You can go for a statement mirror with an ornate frame or a couple of matching ones to create a symmetrical look. Besides, mirrors reflect light, helping to keep the room bright and lively.

You can go from raised panel wainscoting to thin strips of beadboard panels around the mantel. Their decorative moldings will add interest as well as texture and depth to the room. Besides, they are a good option to conceal the stones or tiles that you are tired of looking at.

Wainscoting goes well with a traditional style. Keep the fixture in crisp white color, and the mantel fits right in with cottage surroundings. However, you can also make it colorful if that seems fitting.

Get artsy. Whether you have a taste for art or not, an art display atop the mantel can add to the charm of the room in a big way. They can be the vintage treasures that you have picked up from the flea markets or vintage shops. Cluster the finds on the mantel and complement them with your family photos.

Alternatively, a single large piece of art, approximately two-thirds the size of the mantel, will make a big statement. It can be just a painting or a framed photograph of your favorite personality, quote, or something else to give the place a personal touch.

Add charm with empty frames. If you are a fan of the shabby chic style, recreate the look in your living space by placing old, blank frames on the mantel. You can easily find them at thrift stores or flea markets, and they will make an eye-catching display atop the mantel. You can further add to the charm by adding a small burlap wreath and a couple of dry pinecones in tiny pots.

Embrace the seasonal spirit. If you’re out of ideas, try the seasonal decoration card. As the seasons and trends are always changing, you’ll always have something exciting to dress up the mantel. Keep the place as well as the entire living room on the seasonal trend by adding tall grasses and bowls of fresh fruits in summer, wreaths and garlands in autumn, Christmas decorations in winter, and fresh flowers in spring.

These mantel decorating ideas will really uplift the look of your living room and transform it from an ordinary place to a room where you’ll like to spend time. However, never try to incorporate anything that does not fit your personal style. The aesthetic of the place should be comfortable and coordinating to the décor of the rest of the room.



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