Technology at your fingertips


Technological innovations have made an impact on the way we live, act, find information and even do business these days. It’s practically impossible to find information or run a business without it. In the world of information and communication, technology plays a great role. Below are discussed some top-notch technology devices at your fingertips you can use virtually anywhere or anytime.

Biometric cash transfers

Cash transfers are a good way for developing countries to address social and economic issues. They are less expensive as cash transfers provide recipients the flexibility to spend budget on what they need the most. However, for many developing countries, the technical requirements for an abundance of large-scale programs have been prohibitive. As biometric technologies have improved, it become enough to allow the proper identification and low cost needed to easily implement breeze cash-transfer programs in these developing countries. Biometrics are the combination of using technology and biology. The idea of biometrics relies on analyzing biological data and information technology. Biometric devices such as finger scanners prevent identity theft as the data is encrypted when it is gathered.

3D displays for quick access to information

reportedly, a new technology device is set to revolutionize the future of car interiors: the three-dimensional display with homogeneous and fully customizable surface. The company presented the technology that successfully displays a razor-sharp image on a projection surface. The surface is of matte black material and it’s not distracting drivers when the 3D projector is switched off. The surface can be built in almost anywhere in the car: in the dashboard, in door trims and even in central consoles. Just imagine watching your favorite Sky TV shows in your car and having the access to Sky contacton your fingertips.

Scifi technology on your fingertips

At Uri something special is happening: one of the first fully-functioning interactive projected multitouch screens has been created. Spielberg’s movie Minority Report has shown us some mind-boggling Sci-fi technology. The most popular concept was a projected gesture controlled by a computer. Thanks to Uri and Microsoft, you have a chance to have your own Sci-fi moment now. A collaborated project by the two tech-giants bring us an interactive-projected screen. All you need is a projector, Microsoft Kinect and a software by Uri. The software is there to bridge your interactions to the surface. Starting from a $150 to $1500 for the Uri software, anyone can easily set up his own multitouch surface.

Though a new idea, the smart phone has a plethora of potential to help small business owners. Downloaded apps can be very helpful as there are applications for reading emails and even ordering lunch. By recent studies, as many as 33% of smart phone users use apps and mobile banking in general to check balances. Companies like Sony and Samsung have already developed top-notch high performance display engines for their LED or LCD screens. Even more, in not so far off future, an average Smartphone will boast with a 3D web browser and a 3D display. Smart phones are going to become our wallets and remember most of the data for us including passwords and biometric authentication.

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