Latest Technologies Emerging In India


India is among the emerging economies in the world. Thanks to the quick adoption and adaptation of technologies at this place, it has given opportunity to the developed world for strategic business advantages. Hence time and again, you will find all the newer technologies that come in west are seen introduced in India. Besides, India has a competent consumer base, who is lured to technologies. These technologies impact both the individuals and organizations in their long term plans, initiatives and programs. Let’s check some of the latest technologies, which give impact to the Indian consumer base.

Mobile device dominance

Any new mobile device introduced anywhere is sooner or later heard being launched in India. Be it iPhone 5 or the Windows 8 phones, smartphones and tablets seems to have flourished in the Indian market especially in the urban areas. As per estimate, by 2015, more than 80% of consumers in India are likely to replace their PCs or Laptops with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The implications for Information Technology is that the age of desktop dominance with Windows (as the single platform) is soon going to be replaced with a post-PC era where you will find the Windows as simply one of an array of environments IT.

The mobile apps and HTML 5

With more than hundred potential tool vendors, the market for tools to develop business and consumers is certainly a complex affair. In the coming few years, you will not find a single tool, which would remain optimal for different mobile application types, hence you could expect more number of apps coming into the Indian market. However, the six mobile architectures would remain ever popular in the world and in Indian market. These include special, native, Hybrid, No Client, Message and HMTL 5.  But at the same time, you would soon see a long term shift from the native applications to the web applications as HTML 5 will emerge as more competent architecture.

Personal cloud

The personal cloud is certainly going to replace the desktop in India as it’s seen in the developed nations. It will carry things like unique collection of services, connectivity and web locations, which will become the source of computing and communication things. The users consider these as a much handy and always-available option wherein they could carry out their different digital needs. The personal cloud simply shifts the focus from the client devices to the cloud based services as delivered all across the devices.

Enterprise App store

The enterprises are seen facing a complicated app store future as some of the vendors are seen limiting their stores to several specific devices, while certain apps types are compelling the enterprise to deal with a number of stores, multiple payment procedures and several licensing term sets. By the year 2014, majority of organizations in India will be delivering the mobile apps to their employees via private application stores.  The enterprise app stores the role of IT shifts from a centralized planner to a market manager that gives away the governance and brokerage services to multiple users and a proper ecosystem to support apptrepreneurs.

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