Surprising Groceries That Could Boost Your Fitness

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We are constantly searching for new ways to boost our fitness and be rewarded with better results for our exercises. The “usual suspects” for improved fitness performance and results are apples, eggs, lemon, milk, yogurt, salmon, whey protein, brown rice, tuna, chicken, etc. but it seems that we forget to look further than these groceries. Although there is nothing wrong with those tested solutions, it is about time to right that wrong, and look beyond those “sure deals”.  You would be surprised with some incredible effects of other foods and drinks on your muscle building and physical performance.

Chocolate Milk

It sounds weird, we know, but if you are accustomed to take protein powder, than you should have no problem with drinking this delicious treat after your workout session. It contains a mixture of both slow-digesting (casein) and fast-digesting (whey) proteins.

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Do not be afraid of the added sugars from the chocolate, since they will give you more recovery boosting carbs and muscle-building calories. Chocolate milk also contains antioxidants from the cocoa, which reduce the chances of muscle damage after intense trainings.


Unfairly left behind by salmon and tuna, sardines have amazing muscle-building powers. Sardines are also packed with omega-3 fats which are beneficial for heart health, joint pain and have anti-inflammatory properties. Their most important function is making leucine – an amino acid in charge of protein synthesis. A research suggests that omega-3 fats are very useful for older lifters because they can help in overcoming age-related deficits in anabolism.

Red Wine

Did we make you curious? Two too-good-to-be-true studies found that a compound found in red wine (resveratrol) can actually mimic endurance exercise in the body and boost your fitness performance. Although it is impossible to consume the necessary amount of red wine to get the needed dose of resveratrol (146 milligrams per kilogram of body weight) and exercise safely, you can visit a bottle shops in Sydney, or some other city and get yourself a bottle of fine red wine. You should combine a glass per day with your regular physical activities.


You can take regular or Greek yogurt or you can opt for another powerful dairy product – kefir. It is also a great beverage for people with lactose intolerance. Kefir contains a mixture of bioactive peptides and probiotics that contribute with additional muscle-building properties. Peptides in kefir stimulate immunoglobulin production and immune system. Kefir can also help you cope with the stress of training hard and it is great for digestion.


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Lentils are superheroes of workout nutrition. Packed with protein, fiber and low-impact, slow-digesting carbs, they are great for muscle building and recovery. Lentils come in three varieties red, green and brown. Each of them has a slightly different taste, and you can choose which one you like the most, although red ones can cook the fastest (15 minutes).


Quinoa, which was once a nutritional staple of Peruvian Incas, contains 222 calories in one cup and 8 grams of protein. Although brown rice is often considered to be a powerhouse of fiber, quinoa contains almost twice the fiber and even more magnesium and zinc. What really makes quinoa stand out among other foods is its glycemic index value (53), which means it can give you a sustained infusion of calories (energy) after your meal. It also contains all the essential amino acids you need. Not to mention the perk of being cooked in up to 15 minutes.


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Besides being a miracle worker for your immune system, broccoli provides a hormonal advantage for muscle building by reducing estrogen. Bodybuilders often avoid broccoli because it can cause early onset of fullness, making it difficult to achieve a high-calorie target. This is a mistake, because, besides the previously mentioned perk, this vegetable contains unique antioxidants that can help improve your health. The satiating effects of broccoli can be reduced by steaming or roasting it, which removes some of its water content.

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These were seven foods and beverages that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Besides being useful for your fitness performance and muscle building, all of these groceries are quite a treat for your taste buds, so do not hesitate a single moment to include them in your diet.

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