Select the Best Sports Bra for Your Body Type: How

Working out is great but as a woman you also need to pay attention to some minute yet crucial aspects of your body, to stay in shape. One such area that requires pre-planning is your breasts. Breasts move as much as four inches up and down while running, jogging or working out depending on your exercise pattern and size. It, therefore, demands a little support to stay comfortable with the help of a sports bra. Remember since the breasts do not have muscles, once it is damaged it is gone forever. Choosing the right sports bra is a lot easier than choosing your normal daily wear bra. Here are some tips on how to choose that right and a perfect fit for yourself.

1. Know your fit, size and activity type

Make the right choice by selecting the sports as per your correct size. Wearing a wrong fit may ruin all your efforts of wearing the sports bra. The right style will also depend on the activities you are involved in, during your workout time. Factors like the vertical movement you might undergo during your activities, your body structure, your cup size, your rig cage measurement, your torso (long or short) and many such factors play a crucial role while choosing a sports bra. Knowing your exact cup size will also help you choose the right fit. An ‘A’ cup would need flexible fabrics along with some padding whereas a ‘B’ cup would need a sports bra that can support the body. A ‘C’ cup type would need compression style bra whereas as a ‘D’ cup would need to look for an X back bra to run down the rib cage.

2. Look for the right fabric

Most sports bras are made from a synthetic. Examples of such fabrics could be polyester mesh or lycra. Since mesh provides breathability and ventilation, it is an ideal material for a sports bra. Other sports bra fabric could be polyester, Spandex or elastane. Depending on your workout regime, look for the right fabric. Make sure the fabric supports enough ventilation and moisture resistance.

3. Know your design

If you are a woman wondering what design will suit you, look for adjustable options. Always opt for separation that enables a flattering look as well as features that allow flexibility. The sports bra should be ideally adjustable at the back and the straps as the usual bras. Some new manufacturers are also offering this adjustment at the front between the cups. Depending on your activity types and activity levels, you can also choose the sports bra without seams. This helps overcome chaffing or irritation.


This short guide on sports bra should be able to resolve most of your question around how to find the right fit of your sports bra. Since the sports bra has been envisioned to suit your work types and support your bust line for multiple activities, make the most of it. Remember when it feels good, you look good and gives you the confidence all round the clock.

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