Safety & Sports: How to Get Back into the Game After an Injury

An injury during a sporting event could mean that you’re out of the game for a while. After spending some time missing you’re favorite sport, you’re probably ready to get back out there. However, it’s not so simple as just jumping onto the field, court or other arena. Here is what you have to do:

Exercise Patience

Although you might be eager to make it back for the big game against your rivals or the last one of the season, patience is key. If you attempt to play again too early, you could injure yourself even more. For example, the injury might feel as though it has healed; however, you don’t know what is going on beneath the surface. In addition to aggravating the current injury, returning before you’re ready could lead to even more problems if you’re unstable on your feet.

Seek Professional Treatment

While your injury might eventually heal on its own, no guarantee exists that will happen. Chances are that you don’t want to wait a protracted period of time either. Instead of just looking up at-home treatments you can do on the internet, visit a physical therapy entity, such as Western Orthopaedics. By doing so, you can receive a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and work with a professional to heal.

Take it Slow

You don’t need to be the hero of the game on your first day back. Let your coach know about the injury and what you can handle. You may play in a different position that requires less physical exertion on the part of your body that has been injured. Before this game, consider doing some exercises to work the muscles that you will use most while playing. Also, it is a smart decision to speak with your therapist about strategies that you can use to reintegrate back into the sport.

Stop If Needed

Once you’ve started playing the game, you may feel as though you need to continue with it. However, pain at the site of your injury could be a sign that your body isn’t ready for this level of physical activity yet. As soon as you feel as though something is wrong, let your coach know that you need to get out of the game. A visit to your physical therapist is in order to find out if you are injured again or if you just need to take a few more steps back from your sport.

As eager as you are to start playing your favorite sport again, you don’t want to make the problem worse. Moving slowly and taking on only what you can should help with the process of healing.

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