Tips To Choose A Hairbrush That Suits Your Hair Type

Tips To Choose A Hairbrush That Suits Your Hair Type

Beautiful hair is something that everyone desires to attain. If you spend a great deal of time caring for your hair and still experience hair loss, you hairbrush could be the reason behind it. That’s true, apart from using various pricy hair care products and nourishing your hair with numerous home remedies, it is essential to use the right brush according to your hair type. It helps in providing an extra lift to your hair while styling and also reduce hair damage.

Here are some tips to choose a hairbrush that suits your hair type

Types of hair brushes

* Paddle brush – A flat brush that makes every day brushing easier. Specially designed to make the hair lie flat during styling and make them appear smooth.

* Round brush – Good for styling hair during blow drying and is optimum for making the hair wavy or curly.

* Cushion brush – Best for massaging the scalp and increasing blood circulation to promote healthy hair.

* Ceramic brush – It assists during styling with a blow dryer. Has a ceramic barrel that traps heat and distributes it evenly to provide a smooth and shiny look.

* Vent Brush – Has numerous vents that help in circulating the warm air evenly throughout the hair during blow drying for an effective styling.

* Boar bristle brush – The brush has soft natural bristles that are gentle on the scalp and hair. It is useful for those with thin and delicate hair.

* Nylon bristle brush – It has comparatively harder bristle that are good for combing thick and wavy hair.

Choosing the right brush for your hair type

* Thick hair – If you have thick hair, you need to make an extra effort in taming them effectively. Brushes with natural bristles would be too feeble to comb the strands effectively. All you need is a nylon bristle brush, which is sturdy enough to reach the scalp and brush each strand of your hair, making them easily manageable. You may also use a vent brush while blow drying as it helps in distributing the heat evenly and prevents over heating on a particular area of the hair.

* Fine Hair – Hair with fine texture is naturally smooth and shiny, but you need to add body to it for keeping the style in place. Such hair is generally hard to manage, especially if the environment is humid. You need to use a brush with soft bristles or a quill brush to add volume in your hair. If you want to add curls, use a round brush with soft bristles. For everyday brushing, use a boar bristle brush as they are gentle on the scalp and hair and prevent breakage.

* Medium Hair – Medium hair is comparatively easier to style, and therefore, you may use any brush according to your preference to comb them. For daily brushing, use a paddle brush or round brush with medium to sturdy bristles to add shine and luster to your hair.

* Dry hair – Use a bristle hair brush to comb your hair, if you have dry hair and select the type of bristle according to the texture of your hair. For example, soft bristles for thin dry hair, hard for thick hair and medium for normal hair. Make sure you are not too harsh while combing as it can damage the fragile hair causing them to break easily.

* Curly hair – Curly hair is prone to frizz, especially when dry and should be styled using a wide toothed comb for removing tangles and making them manageable in a gentle way. You may use a ceramic brush while blow drying to remove frizz and add style. You may also use a detangling brush while washing and let your hair dry normally for a frizz-free look.

* Afro hair – Since afro hair is dry and curly, it is important to be very gentle while combing your hair. Use a hand sawn comb with wide tooth to remove tangles and for daily brushing.

* Receding hair – If you are in a process of gradually losing your hair due to various factors like age, heredity, trauma or environmental factors, it is important to choose the right brush for your hair. It will help in slowing the process of hair fall that can be caused by dryness and pulling while detangling. Use brushes with soft bristles that are not harsh on your scalp and help you in preventing the hair from falling.

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