5 Diseases That Can Be Cured with Yoga

According to reports, in contrast to gym people all over the world are keener on yoga. It is the art of combining mental peace with physical strength. It keeps your inner self strong with its innumerable healing power. It enhances your breathing capabilities and eases the turmoil in your mind.
Since ancient times, this mode of relaxation has been practiced and reports no negative effects on the body of the practitioners. Yoga is mostly taken as a mode of therapy practiced releasing people from stress.  It has successfully helped millions to overcome diseases and problems in personal life.
Healing power of yoga to cure diseases of all kinds
Hospitals and nursing homes run special yoga therapy classes for their patents to help them fight diseases and gain mental strength to do so. There are a few diseases which are chronic in nature and under strict doctor’s supervision, but by practicing yoga have witnessed miraculous transformation in them though one must follow the procedures correctly. The diseases that can be cured fully by yoga are:

  1. Asthma is a problem which is faced by individuals of all age groups. It includes symptoms like inability to breathe properly. The cause of this disease is genetic and mostly due to increasing pollution and smog. The precaution that must be taken by individuals suffering from asthma is to always keep an inhaler with them.

There are specific asanas to control your breathing problem. Practising Kapaal bhati early in the morning on a regular basis helps to resolve persistent breathing problems. Other asanas include shavasan where you lay down straight and breathe in and out slowly.

  1. The second disease that can be cured by yoga is depression. Depression is a global medical issue which is common nowadays with youngsters found to be more prone to it. The root cause of depression is stress and contraction of the muscles in your mind. Meditation if practiced properly relaxes your mind and frees your soul from muscle contraction and helps you to relax your body. Practising meditation gives your moral a positive boost and helps you to battle depression. Shirshasana and uttanasana can be practiced curing depression.
  2. Today’s fast-moving life style has given rise to stomach problems and indigestion. Less water intake by the body and constant accumulation of fatty foods doesn’t allow proper breaking of the foods. This hampers the proper functioning of the body and causes indigestion. Practice vagrasana regularly to cure indigestion by keeping the muscles of your abdomen region strong.
  3. Your body stops working if your brain does not get proper flow of oxygen. When this condition arises where there isn’t any oxygen to flow to your brain, you undergo tremendous headaches. This condition is known as migraine. Padmasana and shirshasana must be practiced for the proper flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. Doing this on a regular basis will cure migraine.

5.There are many individuals who do not sleep early at night. Some even stay awake till sunrise. Some people might take this condition lightly. But this might become a chronic disease. The condition where you’re not able to sleep during night is termed as insomnia. Not having proper uninterrupted sleep can lead to several health issues ranging from stress to heart tissues to depression to being obese. Pranayama and kapaal Bhati must be practiced curing insomnia.
Apart from these diseases, yoga can be practiced curing several other diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure and even cure your lower back pain arising due to following an unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga is an indispensable and meditative therapy in the present times that are full of stress and complicated diseases.

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