Reasons why congress have issues with Rafale

Before we see why the Congress party has been agitating against the issue of Rafale, we need to understand the deal first. The deal was for 36 Rafale fighter jets, which seemed to have kept Congress and the ruling party at loggerheads. The deal has a whopping amount of money being invested in it with around 1.8 billion euros for the spare parts, along with the 300 million euro for maintenance, and 700 million euro component for weaponry. However, the ruling party claims that the way the Congress has worked out on this seemed pretty different. Well, let’s understand the reasons why congress had issues with the Rafale deal as under:

The basic objection by the congress party is the cost involved in the Rafale deal. This seems to be fair to compare, while the UPA government seemed to have in mind the total transfer of technology. Congress on the other side seems to have negotiated the cost, which some of the 2 billion USD or more were seen investing for the total 36 aircraft, as they have claimed that their amount for 126 Rafale aircraft seemed less than the current said number of planes. However, the ruling party claims that the congress deal was in 2010, and there seems to be inflation in this regard.

The other big objection by the Congress party was the inflation in which the cost has increased during the times of the party in power to the current rates for the NDA led government. They claim even the cost is inflated for the same fighter planes, they are not likely to go the same way as it was projected in the recent past. However, the NDA has its own justification, which says that the selling of the 36 aircraft went to such a huge cost only due to the high-end technology. The difference in the take away has led to the difference in cost during the time of Congress and the present one.

The next objection by the Congress for the Rafale deal is the way the deal was signed with the aviation company called Dassault Aviation in 2016. The deal was done with France and the said aviation company for 36 Rafale fighter jets. However, the ruling party has its own justification. They claim that the government intends to procure 72 planes from France and has paid a whopping amount of 1.3 billion USD for the first lot of 36 planes. However, the second lot of 36 planes are to be procured later with a much lower cost than the initial one since they have already paid the extra money for the maintenance and other things. So, making an average, the cost would go down, which Congress is not ready to accept.

Wrapping up

In this way, the Congress party has its own set of objections raised by them for the Rafale deal. These would continue until the complete deal is carried out. Well, let’s see how things would move, but at the moment things are not rosy.

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