Top 5 grooming tips for dogs which keep in your mind always

As a pet owner, you must have watched your dog lick the coat, chew the mat, or roll on the ground. This is the dog’s way of keeping clean and healthy. However, the pet might require some extra care from you too.

Below are listed five top grooming tips that you should follow to keep the dog clean all the time.

1.) Brushing

Grooming with a brush not only keeps the dog’s hair in good condition but also ensures that they have their best look always. Brushing keeps the skin clean and spreads the natural oils through the coat of the dog. Additionally, it helps to check for any potential infection, the dog might be suffering from.

If the dog has a smooth coat regular brushing once a week will work. In case, the dog has a luxurious coat daily attention is required and you will need to brush the coat daily to keep the pet in good spirit always.

2.) Bathing

Veterinary experts recommend bathing the dog every three months. However, in case the dog spends much of the time outdoors, the pet needs to be bathed more frequently. Care should be taken while bathing the dog and you should use a mild shampoo for bathing purposes.

Before you decide to bathe the dog, give the dog a gentle brushing. This helps remove mats and dead hair from the pet. The shampoo too needs to be massaged from head towards the tail. Additionally, check the ears for sign of any odor and pat dry the dog with a blow drier after the bathing session.

3.) Nail Clipping

Regular nail clipping is required to keep the dog well groomed. You can begin by spreading the dog’s feet for inspection of any sign of debris. Sharp nail clippers need to be used. Ensure that you do not cut off any vein area that passes through the nail. In case of any eventuality, you can use styptic powder as this helps stop accidental bleeding.

4.) Dental Care

Dogs do not usually have any cavities but they have gum diseases that result in tartar building up. This tartar buildup causes the gums to go red, sore and inflamed. In certain cases, the tartar buildup can impact the dog’s ability to chew.

To prevent building up of tartar, you will need to brush the dog’s teeth with a soft brush. Use specially formulated tooth solution for pets for the purpose. In ideal conditions, daily brushing is advised but you can repeat the procedure once every week, if preoccupied with other works.

5.) Ear and eye care

Ear mites are a common source of infection with pets and in case your dog shakes the head frequently and vigorously, they may be suffering from the same. Get the pet checked up from a veterinarian as doing self medication can cause serious problems.

Conjunctivitis is a common eye disease in dogs and gives the eyes a reddish appearance. In case you notice the same, head off to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Follow the above listed tips and ensure that your pet is in good spirits all the while.

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