Practical Methods on Maintenance of Aerospace Components

  • Preventive Maintenance and Breakdown Maintenance

Aeronautical engineering is based on the principle of preventive maintenance rather than breakdown maintenance. As their names suggest, preventive maintenance is the carrying out of maintenance activities in advance while breakdown maintenance is the carrying out of repairs once there is a breakdown. The principle of preventive maintenance ensures that costly repairs need not be carried out although in the process there is certain amount of over servicing that always results. Know more about architekturvisualisierungen

In most aircraft, servicing is carried out based on so many airframe hours of flying with a rider that in certain cases there is a calendar component wherein precision aerospace components have to be serviced even if the required number of airframe hours (flying hours) has not lapsed or been flown. This is so with the servicing schedule also followed by the automotive world especially in a dusty environment wherein there is always a calendar servicing component which overrides the distance the vehicle has been driven. There are certain tips that ensure the extension of equipment life. These tips can be applied on all forms of machinery as well equally effectively.

  • Checking for Signs of Wear

In all maintenance documents applicable for aerospace there will be a line which asks for “check for signs of wear and tear”. This is a very valuable advice. All types of aircraft and its components will vibrate when in flight and at the time of landing and take- off. Weather conditions also accelerate wear and tear. Wear may result due to not only vibration and shock but also due to friction as in chaffing as well as owing to high temperatures (accelerated by humidity conditions) and the normal ageing process, sometimes accelerated. Because of these reasons one will find belts have frayed and cables may have chaffed. Sometimes wear can be accelerated in case of lack of adequate lubrication. One may find seals that have dried and cracked and bolts that have loosened or wires whose strands have come out of their shield. Keen eyes are necessary to ensure that a thorough check is carried out on especially aerospace valve manufacturers to ensure that there are no unusual signs of wear and tear.

  • Frequently Test Lubricants

The modern aircraft uses different types of lubricants, for the engine, the gear box and for the various moving components such as flaps and elevators besides others. These lubricants ensure that the friction between moving parts is reduced. It is therefore necessary that all lubricants be checked frequently and changed within the period advised and even earlier if required. A check of the oil may sometimes indicate signs of unusual wear in the form of metal particles. This is true especially in cases where the stress levels are very high as in the engine and hydraulic components. Sometimes a keen eye will find leaking oil seals which are a sign of lurking failure.

  • Environmental Cleanliness

The aircraft must be kept clean at all times. There must be no signs of dust accumulation and oil stains anywhere on the aircraft surface. There are dozens of filters and seals on an aircraft. These need to be checked frequently and changed whenever required. It is only when the aircraft surface is kept clean and dry at all times that one may find the odd leakages or damages.

  • Training and Documentation

It is necessary to ensure that all mechanics, fitters and engineers are trained before they are allowed to work on an aircraft. This training and proficiency must be applicable for the type and variant of the aircraft concerned.

The other important aspect is that of documentation. Aircraft servicing and maintenance standards can be ensured only through rigorous documentation. Before the aircraft is considered safe for flying, trained technicians and engineers will need to check all necessary components and certify the aircraft fit for flying before offering it. Not only are the checks listed in the maintenance document needed to be carried out but it is also necessary to ensure that moving parts are checked as being free and seals and gaskets as well as bearings and gears are certified as being serviceable and clear of obstructions. Read more on 3d renderings



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