How to Transfer your Contacts from iPhone to Android?

Switched from iPhone to Android? The tedious job to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android can be easily accomplished in sometime. This article dedicated to all the iPhone owners switched to smartphones. The user don’t need to go into the rigorous work of manually noting the numbers in your Android phones. We present to you some simple tips that help in easy transfer of contacts!

5 Easy Tips to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

With every new phone, we need to have alteast some important list of numbers during an emergency. Gone are the days when people used to remember some numbers, but the cellphone has spoilt our memory by taking the work over itself. Your long list of contacts can be easily transferred from your iPhone to Android with these simple tips.


This method can be used to transfer a small number of contacts. If you have about 10 contacts, then this method is the best one for you! The user has one specific contacts to be sent to his smartphone.

Steps to transfer manually:

1.Click on the “Contacts” option.

  1. Tap on the “Share” option.

3.Choose to share via Email or Text.


The best alternative to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android is through iCloud. Apple has designed a cloud system for its users for such purposes with less effort and time. These are some basic steps Settings>> Choose MAIL, Contacts, Calender>> Select Account>>Click on iCloud>>Turn on your Contacts again>> Merge.

Steps to transfer through iCloud:

1.Navigate to on your computer.

2.Login with the help of the Apple ID.

3.Select “Contacts”.

4.Choose “Select All”.

5.Press on ” Export VCard”. All the contacts shall be saved directly into your download file. In case of an error, select all the contacts again and Export.

3.Sync Contacts with Google

To proceed with this, the user needs to have a Google account and an Internet connectivity. If you don’t have a Google account then why wait? Start preparing one! Sync may take time, for the endless list of contacts, patient is a must! Also, make sure you have an eye on your electronic devices to avoid any errors.

Steps to transfer through iCloud:

1.Catch hold of your Ex-iPhone and navigate to “Mail, contacts, calendar” section to enter your Google account.

  1. Select “Add Account” Button.

3.Fill in your necessary login information.

4.Select all your desired contacts and the process will start as soon as it recognizes your account.

4.Transfer with iTunes

This can be considered as the easiest and best alternative to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android. All you need is your iPhone and a computer. Let’s move down quickly to understand the steps required for quick transfer of contacts.

Steps to transfer through iTunes:

1.Connect your iPhone to the computer.

2.Open “iTunes Link ” and navigate by clicking on the option “iPhone”.

3.Choose Google contacts.

4.Fill in your login details.

5.At the end, login to your Android device to find  your contacts.

 5.Tranfer with an App

The user is also free to use third party apps to accomplish mission ‘Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android’. There are several apps that allows the action but to make the work easier, we would prefer you to use the ‘My Contacts Backup App’. The functions are easy, let’s get started!

Steps to transfer through an App:

1.Download the My Contact Backup App on your Android device.

2.Click on “OK” to get an access to your contacts.

3.Select on the “Backup” option.

4.Open your Email account and attach all the VCF files and send to your Gmail.

5.Obtain the  attachment and import your contacts to the phone.

Steps for Fast and Easy Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android!

Get your work done instantly with these 5 ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. While transferring through a third party Android apps, the user needs to make sure it doesn’t welcome virus along with contacts. Work efficiently with these ready-to-use steps that ensures less time consumption.

Author Bio:
Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.



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