Popular window curtain ideas that can score big this summer

Curtains go a long way in creating an ambience of your choice within different spaces of your home. Choosing them wisely is surly a thing.

Often when it comes to doing interiors of a house, one of the most important aspects that many a times miss our attention is the curtains. They probably come as the last item on our checklist. But, did you know that curtains can provide just as much style as your furniture could bring in to your house?

All you need is the right selection of color, fabric, and pattern. Remember, that curtains can never be an afterthought because your selection of curtains will either take the style of your house a notch higher or completely ruin the decor, if gone wrong.

Tips that are in for this summer

Trying a varied range of ideas and taking the right tips can not only widen your horizon in terms of home décor but can also help you undo the styling mistakes that you unknowingly made. Here are some fantastic curtain ideas to consider.

Well, if you have already messed up your choice don’t break your head over it because there is nothing that can’t be undone. Summer is here and while you change your wardrobe according to the season, it’s time you make your home summer-ready too.

With these fantastic ideas that you are going to learn here, you could add that grandeur to your house instantly.

  1. Nature-inspired styles: Colors and Fabrics that draw inspiration from nature can make your guests feel more welcomed by giving a comforting finish. Take hues of blue from sky and sea with fine geometric patterns or grass-like print tinged with green. Green is an extremely earthy color, which makes it a perfect choice for summer.

Somber shades are a big no for the season. Mix the lighter shades with white to give a nice soft presentation to the entire look.

  1. Happy mood style: The happy color-picks for summer suggests for a tropical set-up. Vibrant colors like yellow, orange and color palettes from Hawaiian flowers offer a wide array of choices.

Mellow down the brightness of the colors by mixing it with white. If you have selected bold colors for your décor then match it well with the lighter tones. The whole idea is to balance the brightness while making it look light and breezy at the same time.

  1. Love in the air: No, we have still not digressed from our topic in case you thought so. If you are someone who is a die-hard romantic, what could be better than styling your house in sync with your mood? Yes, you heard it right and it can certainly be done without changing lot of things out there.

All you need to do is replace your curtains with some colors that reflect love. Take ideas from rose garden indicating colors like pink and mauve. Simple block pattern curtains or mixed prints in lighter shades can make the whole atmosphere inside the house very fresh and lovely. Consider adding air curtains wherever you see a possibility.

  1. Selecting the fabric: Summer is synonymous to light. Lot of light in the day, we want to wear light clothes, eat light, and so should our curtains be light. This means always go for lighter fabrics. Transparent and lacey fabrics are much in trend these days. It creates the perfect environment for cheese, wine and conversation during a lazy afternoon.

For a modern touch, go for metallic fabrics. The fabric gives a slight metallic-shimmer look. Select minimalistic patterns and block colors while choosing this fabric. Patterns like these go well with modern style houses and city apartments.

  1. Important pointers: Firstly, It is not at all necessary that your curtain has to be a perfect color-match with your furniture. Try playing with the colors by mix and match ideas. Secondly, it’s important that you don’t follow uniformity across the house in putting up the curtains. Every space can have its own different décor. Lastly and most importantly, keep at least 2-3 sets of curtains to refresh the look of your house in intervals.

Just look around and get inspired from the things you see, one can take few ideas from interior designers in Bangalore. Creativity has no boundaries especially when you want to use if for your own self. So, put these ideas into action and give your house the makeover it deserves.




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