The online video calling service- Skype now turns 10 years old

The online video calling service- Skype now turns 10 years old

We all use Skype- the online video calling service since long, but we hardly know that today it has completed ten long years of its existence. So at the outset, Happy Birthday Skype! Indeed, your (Skype) popularity has grown leaps and bounds, thanks to the incredible amount of features the developers kept on adding in you. You have made the lives of millions simple by connecting them to their friends and family. Life has simply become simpler with the advent of Skype. Not only at work, but it has also played a vital role in bringing homes close to millions of people who have migrated overseas or some other place for jobs or education. Skype has simply shrunk the world in the most profound fashion, which few could have foreseen in the year 2003 with its advent.   

As per reports more than 300 million users are seen active over Skype carrying out billion minutes of video calls every day. Hence with such a zenith of popularity, it has transformed into a verb unlike the ones- Google or Xerox. Despite certain competitors like FaceTime from Apple with similar features and technology, Skype’s popularity has consistently picked up with the passing months and years. However, the technology of Skype may appear revolutionary but its advent didn’t worked out from scratch as it was seen building up over the then current communication technologies. The importance of Skype and its Wow experience is only due to the high definition voice and the sense of being there with the person whom you are communicating, which was not seen before.

This communication tool was launched somewhere in the last of August of 2003 by two Scandinavian technology businessmen called Janus Friis of Denmark and Niklas Zennstroem of Sweden. The duo was seen expanding over their existing peer-to-peer networking technologies.  The technology, which connects two people within your planet for free was seen becoming popular like wild fire making the globalization and intercontinental travel pulling more and more families apart than it used to do in the past. You can hear incredible stories of a war soldiers from their border areas able to see their new born babies at their respective hometown and really get touched with the advent of such technology.   That’s not the end, since Skype is not just human but at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, the orangutans Mei and Mukah are applauded for completing the jobs by being permitted to communicate through the this service with the other orangutans based at faraway zoos.

The question, which often erupts in our minds, is that how the heck someone can make money by offering such services for free? Microsoft paid 8.5 billion dollars to get Skype in the year 2011 and in just one year in June 2012 the Entertainment and Devices Division of the company was seen gaining the income of 848 million dollars, which is really an incredible amount. In just a decade’s time Skype being an alien was seen embarking as a popular hero in the communication world. But can the opposite become true especially in the world of rapid growth in the coming decade? The analysts find it tough though!

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