How the Pruning Tips and Techniques help your garden

If you are interested in gardening, then start practicing it till you achieve a peaceful experience out of it. Flower gardening even though sounds laborious is not at all time consuming and if performed diligently can make your garden pretty and productive.

The prerequisites

Space management is especially beneficial if you are planning to start a garden in a confined space, say the roof top. Divide the spacing in between the plants properly so that each plant gets adequate share of water, air and sunlight. This is also recommended so that you can freely roam about your garden without squishing the plants. Do not forget to buy gardening tools and keep them well maintained.

Taking care of the plants

Pruning is essential for accomplishing perfect gardening. It is an easy task for professional gardeners but for amateurs, it is a process of managing the pants by their development and growth control. The process of pruning initiates proper and regulated growth of plants but excessive pruning or removal of the terminal bud may lead to stunted growth of the plants.

Vitality of pruning

Pruning is a topic under controversy. According to many this hinders the independent growth of plants on the other hand; others believe that pruning leads to controlled and symmetrical growth of plants in a controlled and restricted environment. There are specific timings for pruning plants.

Equipments for pruning

There is no dearth of gardening tools that are useful in pruning. Blades with sharp edges, saw, shears are the essential tools but must be handled with care otherwise it may harm the plant by tearing vital parts or creating a wound. Proper knowledge and experience is necessary, and one can undertake gardening classes and learn to prune his plants well.

Benefits of the process

Pruning helps in spurious growth of plants especially when done after the flowers fall off. If you are willing to stunt the plants growth then prune it during summer otherwise perform it during the winter to control increased growth rate.

It is beneficial if the branch collars of the trees or plants are pruned. Collars are nothing but the swellings along the branches and are located at the base of each branch. The removal of collars from the tree bark allows swift healing of damages and also enhances good health of the plants.

When pruning is done in a slanted manner, it helps in the growth and hence the health of the bud. Pruning also helps to remove the unshaped branches, over grown areas of the plant which leads to reduced growth rate. Pruning at regular intervals helps to rejuvenate the plants or shrubs or creepers. This is highly effective in case of Lilac, and other shrubs pruning enables them to grow all again in a shapely manner. As a result of pruning the leaves do not get over crowded, the branches do not intertwine and hence proper nourishment can be rendered to the respective plants.

With the aid of proper tools and gardening guides or books, one can turn into a good gardener. The daily necessary tasks of gardening, like watering, weeding, spraying pesticides etc must be done with care as all these processes play crucial roles in plant growth and beauty of one’s garden.

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