Aviation sector, is the hot choice of today’s youth

For the current generation a job is just more than just a standard mean to earn money. They are looking for a job that is more of about passion, has panache, pays well and oozes with self-confidence. Aviation sector is one of those rare chances that offer jobs with varying degrees of education, skills and experience and that too in style. With the rise of the MNC-culture, and many countries opening up for more and more globalization air traffic is a booming industry. Aviation sector is comprised of two groups the flying sector and the non-flying sector. The flying sector includes jobs as the most coveted role of a pilot, flight attendants and the cabin crew consisting of in-flight security, aircraft maintenance engineers, medical doctor and nurse and freight dispatchers. The non-flying jobs consists of front office personnel, ground station attendant, aircraft feeler, driver, station manager, facility managers, flight service specialists, air traffic controllers, immigration officer and security personnel. Agents for ticketing, reservation sales, air freight, passenger service, etc. We analyses now what key points work here in this sector that attract the young like honey to the bees.

  1. Travel, adventure

As a child almost all of us wants to become a pilot, its more for the chance to fly across states and nations and get to live in so many new places. Moreover, the thrill of seeing the world, the travel, the adventure of knowing different cultures and traditions is one indulgence the younger group can never get to get enough of. The flying jobs are the most coveted ones in this concern but also the ground jobs in a certain manner. They get to meet people of different countries, types, caste and creed. Every day is almost a new peek into a different world of different people with different queries, problems and destinations.

  1. Comfortable offices

Although the flying conditions are considered the most coveted ones, still the ground employees get to work in comfortable surroundings, such as offices or terminals. Aviation sector, known to be keen on projecting themselves as the last word in comfort, service and security for the benefit of attracting passengers, usually provide lavishly designed offices with cool interiors. Furthermore, with airports across the globe vying for the best-maintained tag, house the major part of this sector’s ground staff. Their plush terminals with hi-tech design and amenities are the best grounds anybody can hope to sit in.

  1. Competitive pay

The industry with all its weird timings, work-schedules, working away from home and family, and other related disadvantages offers the best pay one can dream of with their given set education, skills and personality. Good pay being one of the primary goal of anyone looking for a job, is one of the biggest draw for the airlines sector.

  1. The perks

The aviation industry is known for its added perks, facilities and amenities. When they are posted offshore away from family the airlines provide decent hotels or private accommodations, transportation to and fro the airport, and allowance and expenses for meals etc. Now, even though you get to travel around while in the job you also get free passes to travel with family which in itself is a big attraction here. They also get discounts in cruises, tours, hotels and resorts too and depending on the rank of their jobs get living quarters in company’s grounds. Also there is the uniform code which takes care completely of the dress-for-work savings thousands of money every year from buying trash clothes.

5 Working schedules

One big obstacle for the aviation sector, till a few years back, was always the work schedules; but the current generation used to night time entertaining in pubs, discotheques, etc., considers working at unearthly hours to be one of the hottest factor about this industry.

  1. Working with disabilities

The present generation unlike their predecessors likes to think progressively and wants to work in situations that do not restrains opportunities due to disabilities or limitations whether physical or professional. The industry with its various types of job possibilities recognizes the disabled too to come forward and get a slice of their cake but with pride.

  1. Easy Training options

Youngsters today do not want to wait endlessly being trained for projects, who-knows-when-will- take-off. They want to get a job as soon as they can. The service industry of aviation gives them enormous exposure and introduces them to new opportunities and possibilities. Furthermore, many companies in the aviation industry offer on-the-job training programs that combine hands-on work experience with industry sponsored courses. These options allows the youngster to get a taste of the professional world in real surroundings first before getting into the type of specialization that they are interested in


In the current conditions of diversifying global opportunities the aviation sector is one of the most prosperous and happening place to be in. Additionally as it is known to value passions, aptitudes, skills and commitments which the younger generation is enthused with most, hence, being a preferred job option is not a possibility but a certainty in this sector.

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