How is man’s sex life related to his dental health?

The tooth is one of the most vital parts of the human body. But it is often seen that from childhood because of the bad habit of not properly washing teeth, a dental problem develops. Eating chocolate and other foods with sugar content also damage teeth. This damage to dental health brings many teeth and gum related diseases. These diseases often create big problems for the general health of a human being. A recent study is showing that even sexual dysfunction in males can occur from bad dental health.

Generally, of all dental health-related problems, gum-related diseases like periodontitis, halitosis, etc can cause sexual dysfunction in men. Halitosis is bad breath, which can happen if there is an internal problem with tooth-like bleeding of gum etc. Periodontitis is the inflammation of periodontium, a tissue structure that supports and surrounds the tooth.

Now a male can face a very common sexual problem in the form of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is also known as impotence. When a male faces inability to attain or maintain a suitable erection for sexual intercourse, this condition is called erectile dysfunction. Doctors and experts have connected these conditions to the low level of the hormone testosterone. The reasons behind this physical condition are diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, psychological problems, and obesity. Some medications like anti-depressants can also result in erectile dysfunction.

Very recently, along with these reasons, some experts are stating that dental problems like halitosis and periodontitis also can cause sexual dysfunction in males. Lab test which is carried out on animals particularly on rats having halitosis and periodontitis shows that these rats have developed erectile dysfunction also. There is an enzyme called eNOS which is functional for erection in rats. But gum related problems decreases eNOS, which causes erectile dysfunction in male rats. Moreover, another study is carried out earlier based on the medical histories of male patients having these dental problems. This study also shows that these patients with gum related problems of halitosis and periodontitis have erectile dysfunction too. Besides, periodontitis has been linked with an increased chance of heart disease in men which in turn can cause erectile dysfunction.

China is known to have expert doctors who treat dental problems with ease. Recently some experts from Medical College Of Luzhou, China, have stated that treating such diseases as halitosis, periodontitis as well as other dental problems can indeed decrease the chance of erectile dysfunction in men. But other doctors and experts from the West have raised their voices against this theory. Dr. Andrew Kramer, a leading surgeon and male sexual health expert at the University of Maryl and Medical Center has expressed his amazement as there is no direct connection to gum related disease with a penis. He elaborates by saying that bad gum related problems can affect general health which in turn causes mental illness. This mental illness can bring erectile dysfunction.

But Dr. David Meldrum, infertility expert, and professor at the University Of California is saying that inflammation which is related to gum or any kind of inflammation can bring infertility to men. More research is needed in this field to say for certain that gum related problems can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, it can be said that, though these teeth related problems do not bring sexual dysfunction in men, these can bring horrible consequences to general health. So, consciousness about maintaining good dental health is very necessary from an early age.

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