Fish Oil during Pregnancy Can Deliver A Healthy Baby

Fish Oil during Pregnancy Can Deliver A Healthy Baby

Women when they turn pregnant leave no stone unturned to maintain their health so that they are able to deliver a healthy baby. You will find them having a proper diet along with following a couple of exercises meant to keep them fit and healthy thus benefiting their babies to a great extent. Of all the different options of diets, pregnant ladies are recommended to consume adequate amount of fish oil as it helps in delivering a healthy baby at the end. It not only benefits the pregnant ladies but also the babies whom they would be delivering during their due dates. Let’s find out how fish oil plays an important role in making things smooth for the pregnant ladies to deliver a healthy baby.

Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acids
The fish oil is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which include Eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and Docosahexaenoic acid commonly known as DHA. As per the research, both the EPA and DHA work together to support both the pregnant ladies and the babies found inside their bodies and also when they feed their kids after delivering them. All these fatty acids are known to support to immune system, heart, brain, central nervous system, eyes and inflammatory response. The proponents for fish oil are seen suggesting pregnant women who take supplements as a majority of diets. They suggest the pregnant ladies to consume these supplements in an appropriate level of DHA and EPA in their diet during this important phase of life. The American Heart Association recommends the pregnant women to consume fatty fish at least twice in a weak, while other researchers have successfully experimented on fish oil by asking a number of women to consume the same. The results of these researches and experiments simply vouch for its consumption for the pregnant ladies as fish oil remains the best source of Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Fish oil benefits both pregnant women

If you look at the number of scientific studies carried about this subject, you will see a majority of researchers and research work suggest pregnant women to consume fish oil during this specific phase of their life. Pregnant women are often in a need of large amount of minerals and vitamins to keep their babies healthy and in right shape. Most importantly, the fish oil simply gives the pregnant women a proper balance diet, which helps them to expedite good pregnancies for the women passing through these phase.

Besides, the consumption of fish oil will also help in reducing the risk of preterm labor, which means that the pregnant women can easily avert the risk of delivering a premature infant. Also, it helps the mother to get rid of the postpartum depression to a great extent. Looking at the physical health of the pregnant ladies the newly turned mother after the pregnancy help herself a lot in recovering from the scars or injuries encountered while passing through these phase. It also helps in keeping the blood pressure in control and makes the babies free from different allergies.

The fish oil help in repairing and regenerating few organs, which often get damaged after passing the nine months of pregnancy. It also helps the women to make their kidneys function in a better way along with making the muscle functioning in a right fashion. Further, it helps in producing a sufficient amount of breast milk for the delivered baby. And as you know that breast milk is considered as one of the healthiest and best sources of minerals and vitamins, which help in the growth of newborn baby. Thus consuming fish oil during the pregnancy period helps the women to produce good amount of milk when they need after delivering the babies.

Fish oil has great benefits for the babies

When pregnant women consume fish oil they help their babies to turn healthy and fit inside their bodies. The Omega 3 fatty acids inside the fish oil help the babies a lot in developing their fetal neurological system to a great extent. As per the research, the fatty acids help in visual system and brain development along with keeping the motor functions intact while during their breastfeeding time. The fish oil also help in alleviating the eczema risk seen as an obvious problem among the new born babies.

As per the research, the Omega 3 fatty acids help a lot in developing the nervous system, brain and visual abilities of babies to a great extent. The research also suggest that women during their pregnancy consuming the fish oil deliver healthy babies whose hand and eye coordination stays in a perfect order. Another research published in ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ suggests that babies from women having fish oil are better in terms of problem solving

Fish oil also helps in reducing the condition called pre-ecclampsia, which is fatal for both the babies and pregnant women. This condition usually comes during the third trimester of the last stage of second trimester due to the high blood pressure or from the protein found in urine. If this medical condition remains untreated, it has serious implications for the mothers and babies. They can bring in serious issues like bleeding problem, ruptured liver, placental abruption, and stroke while in some rare cases also death.

As per experts, the pregnant women are supposed to consume fish oil not more than 12 OZ or twice in a week during their meals. As per the DHA and EPA Omega 3 Institute, pregnant women should consume not less than 300 mg of DHA based fish oil on a daily basis. Though these remain as general guidelines of consuming the fish oil, however, the best person to consult for the fish oil consumption is your doctor. He or she would be able to advise you the best dose for you.

Final word

Pregnant women benefit a lot from consuming fish oil in appropriate level as suggested by the doctors. It helps in keeping their body fit and healthy, which eventually help the baby grow in a right way inside their uterus. So, if you are pregnant, make sure you start consuming fish oil; it helps a lot in delivery a healthy baby.


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